A powerful download manager and a torrent client for Mac.

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Folx PRO is a full fledged download manager for Mac with an inbuilt torrent downloader. It’s equipped with various settings, flexible download management, and a labeling feature for easy location of the downloaded content.
Folx PRO is impressive in its ability to organize and manage your downloads in a neat way.

Folx PRO allows you increase the download speed by splitting a download into up to twenty threads.

Folx PRO allows you schedule your download tasks and control the speed. You either adjust it manually or allow Folx to do it automatically for optimal traffic allocation.

Folx PRO remembers login and password when starting new downloads from websites requiring web authentication and you don't need to enter it each time, which is by the way time saving. You can also keep passwords for FTP and HTTP websites in Folx PRO.

One of the unique and rather a convenient feature Folx PRO offers is automatic adding of downloaded music and videos to iTunes playlists according to the tag assigned to the download.

As a torrent client, Folx PRO supports the download of torrent files (downloading using magnet links is also supported). You can search torrents directly from the application without browsing through multiple torrent trackers to find what you need. Just enter a keyword in Folx, and it will search for it in its extensive list of torrent trackers and display a list of relevant results.

Note: Folx is an app for legal downloads and content sharing. All torrents uploaded or downloaded with Folx must be legal to share. By creating or downloading a torrent file (and its contents) in Folx you assign the minimum amount of rights or certify that you have the minimum amount of rights needed to share and/or download it. Happy torrenting!
Folx is a gem, and Setapp has many more.
Free 30-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.