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GlueMotion features

It can be tricky to create a great looking time lapse video because of unexpected interruptions and weather changes. GlueMotion is designed to reduce the stress associated with creating time lapse movies by automating image correction and deflickering as it works to create an end result that’s smooth as silk and looks exactly how you imagined it in your head. Plus, this tile lapse tool is compatible with a range of different formats that will suit any photographer, amateur or professional alike.

Import 100,000+ images

Although it’s easy enough for casual photography fans to use, GlueMotion was created with the professional photographer in mind. The app is powerful enough to handle tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of images in just about any image format you can throw at it: JPEG, PNG, and all RAW formats supported by macOS.

Batch edit images seamlessly

From cropping and rotating through to exposure, saturation, and highlights or shadows, the app allows you to batch edit your images in a way that improves your end product without the need to spend hours tweaking individual photos or the risk of missing some images out of the correction process.

Automate corrections and deflickering

Inconsistent brightness levels, caused by clouds or the position of the sun, can spoil an otherwise beautiful time lapse video. GlueMotion’s dual deflickering engines work to analyze your images and apply the appropriate brightness correction automatically, so you can avoid that unpleasant flickering effect.

Choose any format and container

When the time comes to create your time lapse, GlueMotion offers a range of containers, including MOV, MP4, and M4V. You can also set your desired FPS and get an estimation of your video’s length before you start encoding. As a result, there’s rarely any need to use additional software to switch between formats or framerate.

Export high-quality time lapse videos

Even though GlueMotion does a lot of the hard work for you, you don’t want to risk messing up the time invested in your time lapse video by putting out a grainy or fuzzy final product. Thankfully, that’s not a problem — you can export high-quality time lapse videos using H264, ProRes, or HEVC codecs without sitting around for countless hours.

Get help within time-lapse app

GlueMotion is designed in such a way that just about anyone can pick it up and use it, particularly if they have even a rudimentary knowledge of photography or video editing software. However, if something isn’t clear, you can submit feedback or ask questions (including a system profile and console) if required from within the app itself.

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