What Siri for Mac Could Have Been

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Blazingly fast, blissfully simple, incredibly powerful keyboard-driven commands for your Mac.

Call up Lacona by pressing a key, then type whatever you want to do. Lacona provides intelligent suggestions as you type and then follows your orders. Open apps, play music, find files, send texts, create reminders, search the web, schedule events, translate phrases, do math, define words, make calls, change your settings, and so much more, without learning any new commands.

Selected Features:

- Open Apps, Bookmarks, Preferences, Contacts & Files
- Open URLs and File Paths
- Search the Web
- Create Reminders & Schedule Events
- Play Music in iTunes
- Make Calls, Send Texts, and Draft Emails
- Make Calculations & Unit Conversions
- Define Words
- Translate Phrases and Websites
- Choose the App to Open Files & Websites
- Move, Copy & Delete Files
- Quit, Activate, Hide, and Relaunch Apps
- Reveal Apps & Files in Finder
- Clipboard Support
- System Context
- Change your System Settings
- Trigger System Commands
- Eject Mounted Volumes
- Search & Open GitHub Repos*
- Prevent Sleeping*
- Set Alarms & Timers*
- Convert Currency*
- Convert Time Zones*
- Create and Edit Notes*
- Switch Audio Devices*
- Run Terminal Commands*
- Run AppleScript Scripts*
- Call your Phone**
- Save Websites with Pocket or Instapaper**
- Tweet or Post to Facebook**
- Add to Todoist**
- Control your TV or your Garage Doors**
- Add Journal Entries to Day One**
- Make Announcements on Ubi**
- Send Messages on Skype or SalesForce Chatter**
- Beep your Findables**
- Set your Nest Thermostat**
- Control your DIY Electronics**

* These features are provided by Addons, which can be installed with one click.
** These features are provided by IFTTT, which requires the IFTTT Addon and some simple configuration.
Lacona is a gem, and Setapp has many more.
Free 30-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.