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Mate Translate

Mate Translate


Translate anything

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Translate anything

Introducing a revolutionizing way to interact with people speaking different languages – Mate. In fact, it’s an A-level translator app which makes it a breeze to translate words, phrases, and sentences between all popular languages. It greatly fits your Mac and feels like a native app. What is more, using this Mac translator is easy, fast and fun. It’s time you broke any language barriers!
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 8.1.3 macOS 10.14 required

Mate Translate features

103 languages at your fingertips

Picture this: you are almost instantly interacting in 103 languages. Sounds brilliant, doesn't it? This text translator app supports the translation of both popular and not so common languages in real time, in any language pairs. In other words, no more language barriers!

Quick access right from the menu bar

Access this translate tool in a snap. Hit on the icon in the menu bar or use a shortcut. It’s up to you which way to choose. If you wish to be able to instantly access this robust all language translator app, set a shortcut that suits you best. As long as you are online, you’re literally a polyglot.

Full offline history of translations

Check what you have translated before, even if you are offline. Maybe you need to translate something, but having a hard time going online? Check if something similar has already been translated. A glance at your offline history will reveal everything you have translated earlier.

Translator with speech

If you were looking for a dictionary with voice, this awesome option is available for you to appreciate. Type the text and your Mac will play back your written text as spoken words. You will easily know how to pronounce anything. Communication in different languages made simple and rapid.

Translate everywhere

Use Safari browser extension to translate by double-clicking or highlighting the text. You can also use the app to translate the whole webpage that you are on. Mate Translate also has the feature to translate Netflix subtitles, automatically translate your clipboard using a simple shortcut, as well as drag and drop any selected text onto the floating window of the app to easily translate.

Customized phrasebook functionality

Create your own phrasebook by filling it up with words and phrases from a particular language pair. Find this especially handy going abroad and having the most important stuff available offline. In addition to this, your own word list comes in handy for all sorts of language classes and speaking clubs.

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Mate Translate
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 8.1.3 macOS 10.14 required
Mate Translate
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