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Meta via Setapp

Manage music libraries

Meta is a smart music tag editor made for macOS. It allows you to write metadata to any number of audio tracks, customize metadata formats, streamline track numbering, and organize files consistently. By keeping metadata updated, the app makes your ever-growing music collection easy to manage. For DJs, musicians, and all music fans.
version 2.2
requires macOS 10.13 or later

Meta features

Extensive compatibility

Meta works with virtually all audio formats that land in your music collection such as mp3, mp4, m4a, FLAC, Ogg, AIFF, and WAV. It also supports different metadata formats, including MP4, ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis, and INFO — you can flexibly switch between preferred formats in Metadata Preferences.

Instant batch edits

Enjoy the flexibility of batch editing from Meta’s sidebar. Whether you need to write metadata to multiple files, remove all metadata, or apply any other string changes to the entire collection or album, it’s one click away. Plus, you get a simple way to share music information as CSV.

Pattern-based actions

Use specified patterns to streamline the way you work with metadata. Combine plain text and metadata tokens to compose tags’ values, organize files by directories, or convert metadata to tags in a flash. Save time by applying a single pattern to many jobs.

Track numbering

There’s no need to manually add track numbers to your audio files. With Meta’s Track Numbering assistant, you can simply arrange tracks in the right order, and the app will assign the numbers automatically. Build albums, playlists, and compilations faster than ever before.

Search and edit artwork

Meta includes Cover Finder, the built-in search that helps you pick artwork for your music collections. Get high-quality covers in the preferred size, edit existing artwork manually, or set the app to automatically adjust newly added covers.

Find and replace

Keep your music collections up-to-date with the Find & Replace feature, allowing you to search through tags with a native text finder. Replace characters, words, or regular expressions across specific entries step by step, or toggle Replace All to apply all changes in one go.

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Positive reviews percentage
244 ratings
version 2.2
requires :platform 10.13 or later
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