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NetSpot PRO is a native wireless site survey software for Mac. It's also an amazing simple tool for Wi-Fi planning. With NetSpot PRO you can visualize, manage, troubleshoot, audit, plan, and deploy your wireless networks.

No need to be a network expert to improve your home or office Wi-Fi today! All you need is your MacBook and NetSpot PRO. One click and you can immediately see how strong and stable your Wi-Fi is, then watch multiple network parameters change in real time as you move across your house or apartment.

NetSpot PRO builds a live heatmap of your network (or the network you’re connected to — you don’t have to use it only on yours, obviously) so you can see the strong and weak points, ideal if the coverage is spotty, or you can’t pinpoint where the access points are physically located. You can also run speed tests see how your Wi-Fi and your neighbor’s networks overlap, if there’s channel interference, so on.

Improve your network coverage, connectivity, performance, APs configurations, signal level, interference, noise and more.

*The edition available on Setapp is NetSpot PRO
Key features:
Wi-Fi channel scanner
How about a smart way to fix weak spots in your wireless coverage? Analyze your Wi-Fi coverage and performance, decide upon the most suitable access points spots, visualize where the signal is strong/weak in any living area, office space, and buildings.
Wi-Fi site survey with built-in speed tests
Improve and troubleshoot your wireless network. Perform a live scan, figure out the real time upload/download speeds for the scan point. Plus, if needed, you can generate survey reports in PDF format.
Heatmap of your network in real time
You are a single click away from checking how weak or strong your Wi-Fi could be. Move around your home, school, office or outside area, troubleshoot signal problems and detect all dead spots. Visualize your wireless coverage in real time.
Ideal Wi-Fi network planner
This Wi-Fi detector is designed to make it straightforward to check Wi-Fi signal strength, enhancing smart wireless network planning. Adjust the locations of your access points, find areas of channel interference. Choose placements, channels for novel hotspots, arrange your wireless network with clear visual data to support your decisions.
Wireless AC routers & access points support
Looking for a remarkable aid in laying Wi-Fi networks, both small and big? This Wi-Fi signal strength determining app fully supports Wireless AC routers and access points. Manage, diagnose or boost network performance without worries.
Supports your Mac
Turn any Mac supporting macOS 10.10 or later into a professional Wi-Fi detector. Get your networks up to full speed with the capabilities this full featured Wi-Fi analyzer has to offer.
Get NetSpot on Setapp
With Setapp subscription you don’t just get NetSpot, but an outstanding selection of top-notch applications. Setapp has apps for every job and it only takes a few clicks to find the ones you need. Plus, the app collection keeps growing all the time.
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