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422 ratings

TouchRetouch via Setapp

Remove objects from photos

TouchRetouch is the retouch tool for Mac we’ve all been waiting for: an app that allows you to edit photos and doesn’t require a master’s degree to operate. Its simple click-based tools are backed up by powerful, content-aware algorithms to help you adjust and tweak your photos, whether you need to erase an annoying blemish, cover up a logo, or get rid of any other unwanted content. Its tooltips are straightforward and blessedly few, and the app automatically interprets certain motions to trigger certain tasks. Don’t let a poorly placed trash can or powerline ruin an otherwise perfect photo. With TouchRetouch, your Mac becomes an all-in-one photo retouching studio where you can get your images looking their best.
version 2.4.1
requires macOS 10.14 or later

TouchRetouch features

Remove unwanted objects

Remove or obscure undesired obstructions that ruin a perfect shot. Whether you’re getting rid of eyesores from plain, patterned, or complex backgrounds, the app’s proprietary algorithm helps them fully disappear. TouchRetouch magically removes unwanted items from a photo with just a click. It’s robust enough to handle small blemishes, like dust spots, and large ones, like photobombers.

Line removal

Trace a section of a distracting powerline, and TouchRetouch will spring into action, selecting and removing the whole shape. It’s perfect for removing telephone wires and posts, power lines. Long gone are the days when long and narrow objects would take hours for even professional photo editors to correct. With TouchRetouch, you spend more time taking photos and less time painstakingly tracing fences.

Photo retouching in a click

Just click to eliminate dots, spots, specks, and flaws. There’s no need to zoom in and do detail work: just tap each problem area with a single click and watch them disappear one by one. For more complex patch jobs, the app’s Clone Stamp feature lets you grab pixels from one area and use them to cover another with a similar background.

Crop and edit photos

Drag and drop with the crop tool to cut out unsightly or unrelated parts of the photo. But also, think of cropping as highlighting the best parts of the image. Make an accent on the part of the photo you like best. And when you done, adjust the result with preset proportions, so the image looks great wherever you use it.

Magic color correction

Make use of all the necessary tools to retouch photos on Mac and finalize them for printing or posting online. The color-correction feature lets you adjust the palette and range of the image so it looks just as it should. And the color adjustment tool helps to set brightness, contrast, highlights, sharpness, warmth, and saturation just right.

The same retouching flow

Stick to retouching photos on your Mac just the way you used to. TouchRetouch supports all the widely used formats, such as JPG, TIFF, PNG, and even RAW, so you can start editing files straight from your camera. And with an extension support for Photos, you don’t even have to open the TouchRetouch app in most cases.

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Positive reviews percentage
422 ratings
version 2.4.1
requires :platform 10.14 or later
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