One place to store notes, files and pasteboard clips

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Unclutter is a new handy place on your desktop for storing notes, files and pasteboard clips.

To open, simply move the pointer to the very top of screen and scroll down. Drag items from other applications to the top of screen to store them in Unclutter.

Being just one easy gesture away, Unclutter becomes a surprisingly helpful and convenient tool. In fact 3 tools in 1. That will make you feel more comfortable and powerful on your Mac.


- Instant, configurable access even in full screen mode
- File Storage, to keep your Desktop clean from temporary files
- Notes, to write down something quickly
- Clipboard manager, to track what you copy and paste, browse clipboard history
- Draggable cards that can stick on top of other windows
- Files and notes auto-sync across all your Macs via Dropbox.
- Full multi-display support
- Retina display support
- Universal Clipboard support
- Light/Dark theme to match system appearance.


Have a question? Want to request a feature or share your idea?
Please contact us at support@unclutterapp.com.

Twitter - @Unclutterapp
Facebook - facebook.com/Unclutter
Key features:
Sticky notes on Mac desktop
This clipboard notes app is a handy tool for note taking. Create as many notes as you wish for better organization all of your content. Use the quick full-text search to get the note you need within seconds. Unclutter is your full-featured memo assistant, which reminds you of the things you don’t want to miss.
Smart Mac clipboard history manager
Keep track of everything you copy to your Mac's clipboard. Have a glance at the list of recent clips and if needed, instantly recall any of them. Even once the Mac clipboard manager app is relaunched or the system is rebooted, you’ll still have the history of clips. You can also make a separate list to permanently save particular clips for future use.
A handy place to store files and notes
Creating temporary folders and misplacing your transient files is so 20th century. Use this app as a daily storage of notes and files that you need on a regular basis. Create a shortcut to store the stuff you often use. Plus, it’ll be also great if you need a drop area to instantly drag text, links, or files between different apps.
Highly customizable panels
Set the widths of panels by dragging the splitter between them. Rearranging the panels is ease, simply drag them. Take a panel outside the window and it will stick on top of other windows until you close it. To get more space for the regularly used ones, hide the panels you seldom use.
Launch at startup
You can store a bunch of different items, including files, images, and notes. Adjust the automatically relaunch option to make Unclutter run each time the computer gets rebooted. In that way, every time you open your Mac, the app with all the stuff you need will be at your fingertips.
Auto-synced across all Macs via Dropbox
Enjoy a piece of mind that all your content is auto-synced across all your Dropbox-connected devices. Any Dropbox owner can use it to create a folder to store Unclutter files and notes. This way, all of your content will be easily accessible from any place with Internet connection.
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