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Pin clear calendar to desktop

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Pin clear calendar to desktop

Practicality can be beautiful, and WallCal is proof. This handy app takes data from your existing calendars and pins an aesthetic see-through calendar to your desktop. Choose to view your day's agenda, set the calendar to show your whole month, or customize to display set number of days.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.6.0 macOS 11.0 required

WallCal features

View your calendars

WallCal allows you to combine your calendars in a pretty desktop view as a beautiful transparent layout. Customize the look easily and enjoy your agenda being always handy. Note that you can’t edit your calendar events or reminders in WallCal as it only displays your existing calendars.

Customize displayed days

You decide what exactly is shown on your desktop — view the day's agenda, show your whole month or just the week. In the week view, you can pick the number of days you want to see, as well as visible time range. You can show or hide individual calendars as well.

Tweak appearance

Customize the look of your desktop calendar view with WallCal's handy tools — choose view size, adjust colors, or make it fully transparent. You can even stick the calendar to your second monitor.

View your to-do list

Some things simply won't fit in a neat time slot in your calendar, but still need to get done. You can choose to display your to-do list in WallCal and be sure to know exactly what your goals are for the day.

Bring to the front

When you want to bring your calendar to the front, do it easily with a click or a hotkey. Set the app to show only the calendar sets you want to view for a convenient, custom look.

Use in other languages

WallCal works not only with English, but other languages. Currently supported are Chinese, Japanese, and German.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.6.0 macOS 11.0 required
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