Yummy FTP Pro

Yummy FTP Pro

Comprehensive and well-rounded file transfer utility for Mac

Yummy FTP Pro is a top rated and prompt file transfer application for Mac, which boasts a feature-rich professional toolkit. Being one of the standout FTP clients for the Mac platform, this app also pays much attention to reliability, speed, and productivity. Still, the app’s main appeal is its simplicity. In other words, this powerful FTP software program makes it clear and what’s also important - safe to transfer both a few files or thousands of them just within seconds. Plus, it allows some advanced sftp client options, not to mention timetable backups, automate transfers, preview and the possibility to edit sites or maintain them. Check out all its file management capabilities!

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Rating: 4.5/5
based on 915 reviews
Latest Version: 2.0.5
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10+

Sounds good? Well it looks good too.

Yummy FTP Pro features

Full FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S protocol support

Fast full-featured professional solution for both FTP client and FTP server. Provides a maximum transfer speed, secure, reliable and efficient file movements. Effortlessly move both small and big files between your local computer and your site's server.

Security combined with powerful website management

Security is one of the key considerations when talking about FTP clients, and folks at Yummy FTP Pro do realize this, offering a really high level of security and reliability that comes with amazing site management capabilities. Manage sites, enjoy editing, previewing or syncing on the go at blazing speeds.

Responsive, intuitive and simple user interface

This FTP client/FTP server utility is comprehensive and straightforward to use. Its user-friendly interface feels familiar and lets you get started really fast. The simultaneous transfers of huge data volumes made quick and easy.

Offline FTP drop folders for greater performance

You can use this Mac app even offline. Simply create FTP drop folders directly on your Mac, open and view local and remote folders in the Terminal and enjoy synchronization of those files once you go online.

Straightforward site bookmark manager

Once you try the bookmarking option, you’ll see that it is a real timesaver. Manage your bookmarks fast and with ease, keep them well-structured and organized in a preferable way.

Regular feature updates and improvements

This WebDAV client/WebDAV server program has a great deal to offer and is loaded with options, making your life easier, yet it keeps getting better and better. All its features are aimed at putting file transfers at your fingertips.

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Yummy FTP Pro
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