Combine all your messaging apps in IM+

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IM+ for Mac brings you every popular messenger under the sun in one beautiful interface. Use Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn, Telegram, and more in one app and effortlessly handle the mayhem of direct messaging. Here’s how to connect all your accounts and control your messaging life from IM+.

Add new messaging accounts

Connecting your accounts to IM+ is a breeze. To do so, go to Preferences and select Services. Choose the app you want to add from the list, set its name and color (so you can distinguish two Skype profiles, for example), and click Save. The account should then appear in the sidebar. Just click on it and log in with your credentials.

Add or switch accounts in IM+

Use color and tags to keep apps in order

When all your accounts are in one app, things can get messy. IM+ has a few wonderful features to keep things organized. First you can select Home or Work tags to set categories for your apps, or create completely new ones. Second, assign a color profile to each service to easily distinguish multiple Telegram or Facebook accounts.

Use color and tags to organize your accounts

Fine-tune push notifications

The dark side of having constant access to all your messaging apps is never-ending distraction. Luckily, IM+ provides a good remedy for that, allowing you to set sound and push notifications for each account individually. Just go to the Connected tab in Preferences and click on each account to choose which type of notification you prefer to get.

Manage push notifications

Navigate between messengers with hotkeys

In the fast world of instant messaging, clicking on each service wouldn’t be fast enough. That’s why IM+ came up with an easy hotkey solution. You can switch between all your accounts by using the shortcut ⌘ + the order of the go-to account. You can also change the order in the Connected tab in Preferences.

Navigate with hotkeys

IM+ allows your to control all your personal and professional communications at a glance. Mute the Facebook chat you have with your friends while at work and do vice versa for when you finish the workday. Stop switching between your laptop and smartphone — just do all the messaging you need from one spot intelligently. Try IM+ today from Setapp for free and tame the messaging chaos you are in.

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