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Mac Finder alternative: file management you have the power to manage

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A happy person you are if you have no files on Mac. But let’s face it: If you don’t have files, you probably don’t have a Mac. Apple’s in-built file manager does a good job sorting out and managing your images, apps, docs, and whatnot. 

With the release of macOS Mojave, Apple brought Finder into an even better shape, thanks to improvements like Quick Actions and Desktop Stacks. Sadly, the program is still pretty limited in terms of text doc management and editing features. 

Path Finder, a better Finder 

If you want to work with your files without barriers, Cocoatech’s latest creation is the right choice. Meet Path Finder. It’s a combination of static and dynamic modules that give you a comprehensive info about every file stored on Mac. Most importantly, it makes you act on your data — change file locations, search by tags, share and sync across disks. 

Enjoy a limitless Interface

Path Finder comes with Dual Pane, allowing you to navigate across different disks and folders without leaving the same window. Copy and move items, enrich your sidebar with the most frequently used folders, and switch between different view options. There’s even a Drop Stack on the left side of the window — a place where you can temporarily store items before transferring. 

Dual Pane interface

Drag and drop the pane you need

Modular system is a huge superpower that sets Path Finder apart. This file manager for Mac will stretch and shrink, depending on what has to be done. Instead of making you scroll through tons of options, like showing file permissions or attributes, Path Finder offers a pane with custom modules you can drag into the app. From the menu bar, open Window > Modules and grab whatever you need from a separate window. 

Drag and drop to Path Finder

Seeing through large data sets 

Use Path Finder’s Commands to automate your work with files on Mac. Whether to copy across panels or compress and email, there’s a way to do it real quick.The file manager keeps things controlled even when you manage files stored on different disks. For instance, you can run FolderSync, analyzing and comparing the contents of different locations that you open in the Dual Pane. Instead of digging through separate files. 

Path Finder commands

Not only is it rich inside. Path Finder integrates with iCloud and Dropbox to ensure your files can travel to any outside location, lightning fast. The app can be yours forever for $40. Or, you can access it for free with the Setapp subscription. 

More experiments with file management? Setapp also has ForkLift — another Finder alternative that will be useful if you need to switch across local and remote servers. Try both + 160+ Mac apps for different tasks.

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