Path Finder

Path Finder


A tweakable file manager for Mac

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Path Finder features

When Finder is not enough, Cocoatech’s Path Finder will fill all the gaps for you. An advanced file manager for Mac, the app enables you to copy, delete, view, and sync heaps of files across different locations. It’s based on the unique modular system, with a list of customizable features you can add and remove from the interface at any time.

A no-brainer interface

Path Finder’s interface may look information-heavy, but as soon as you do a few clicks, you’ll know how to use every part of it to your advantage. Get a complete view of disks, batch copy, type file names in Path Navigator, and integrate with your Dropbox without reading any manuals.

Dual pane view

Set the app’s sidebar to show only those file locations you use most frequently. If you want to work across two disks or folders at the same time, switch to the dual-pane functionality. With Path Finder, nothing gets lost in the shuffle while you multitask.

Drop Stack for temporary storing

On the left side of the app’s window, you’ll find a file grid — the place where you can collect items before moving them anywhere else. Simply select a batch of files and move them to the Drop Stack. It’s a perfect temporary spot if you want to do some housekeeping on Mac.

Modules for extra customizability

The feature that Finder lacks badly — a modular system, enabling you to add and remove commands, according to your needs. Via the menu bar, open Window > Modules and select the actions you want Path Finder to perform. From showing permissions to adding file info.

Manage hidden files

For security reasons, you can choose to make some of your files hidden on Mac. This doesn’t stop Path Finder from keeping them controlled, though. You can enable the option of showing invisible files via the View menu and manage them the same way you deal with all the others.

Syncing folders across disks

Whether you want to compare the contents of folders across different disks, or transfer files in batch, the Path Finder’s FolderSync feature has you covered. Select the directories or folders that should be compared and enable FolderSync from the Commands menu.

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Path Finder
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