Simplify your debugging flow with Proxyman

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Developers, rejoice. We have an excellent debug assistant to add to your toolkit. It’s name is Proxyman – from Proxy + middleMan. Natively built for macOS, the app is an easy way to intercept HTTP/HTTPS requests and debug from your Mac, iOS simulator, or remote devices without disrupting your network connection.

Three easy panels, no digging around

Everything is done inside the Proxyman window, separated into three areas. In the left panel, you’ll see the list of all apps and domains – the Source List. The flows from selected sources will be reflected in the Flow List in the middle. The right panel, Flow Content, is where you can view all the Request and Response content.

HTTPS Responce data

As soon as you launch the app, it automatically overrides your proxy config in the Network Preferences. So you’re all set, right from the start.

Organize sources to view HTTPS responses

Even with hundreds of domains suffocating your Source List, there’s an easy way to search through. Use Ctrl+Shift+F to find an app or domain, pin, and move via drag and drop – it’s just like Finder, no complicated commands. Once you’ve done all the organizing, click on the domain or app, select URLs, and navigate to the right panel to view HTTPS responses.

Organize sources to view responses

Activate SSL proxying

While HTTPS responses are encrypted, you’ll have to enable SSL proxying for one domain or related domains first. To simplify the process, Proxyman has the option of automatic SSL Certificate activation. For seasoned developers, adding CA Certificate to Keychain manually won’t be a problem. You can also choose to install Certificate from simulator or iPhone.

SSL proxy debugging

Superb debugging tools

Now it’s time to debug. Proxyman will automatically capture HTTPS requests and responses, which you can view in JSON. If you prefer, you can use your favorite editor like Atom, Code, or TextMate. Without leaving the app, navigate between Header, Query, Cookies, and JSON response as well as debug with different params through Edit & Repeat. If you want to share your session, use the Export option.

Request settings

Featured on Product Hunt and Github, Proxyman has been a part of developers’ tribe for a while now. We’re pleased to say it’s also a part of the Setapp package, along with 150+ useful apps for Mac.

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