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Renamer: the best way to batch rename files and folders on a Mac

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Renamer is a total organizational reboot in a lightweight package. This app lets you import and rename files by the batch, taking the frustration and tedium out of renaming every single file by hand. It comes pre-loaded with “Renamerlets” tailored to different file types like photos and music files, and lets you create custom versions as needed. Plus, it’s an easy way to automatically add useful metadata to your files, making them easier to search.

How to rename multiple files and folders at once

Here’s how to start using Renamer app to transform your filenames from unreadable junk to perfectly manicured filenames with a single click. It works for all files from digital photos to music, movies, and documents of all kinds.

Import files to start renaming

The easiest way to add files to the app window is to drag and drop them. However, you can also use the “+” button at the top right to add files from your hard drive. Once you add a file to the app, it will appear as part of a sequence. If you need to adjust the order of the files, just click and drag each one to your preferred position.

Add files to start renaming

To see more information about the selected file, click the “i” icon at the top right.

How to use Renamerlets

Renamerlets are protocols that allow you to rename all of the files you’ve placed in the app window at once. Some only work when applied to specific file types, like music and photos; if you try to apply one to an incompatible format, the app will alert you.

To use these protocols, click the tab for the one you’d like to use on the left. Use the drop-down menus and drag-and-drop terms to get exactly the renaming pattern you need. The app will automatically preview any renaming in the right-hand panel. Once the names look correct, click “Apply” and the app will rename them as a batch.

How to use Renamerlets

Create your own renaming rules

If you’d rather create a custom format for your files, you can make your own template Renamerlets presets from scratch. Click the “+” button at the bottom left, then select “New Renamerlet.” Use the drop-down menu to assign a type, then give your new Renamerlet a name and click “OK.” Once it appears, use the menus in the middle tab to assign it a function.

Create your own Renamerlets

Remember that you can assign multiple functions to the same one — just click the “+” button at the bottom of the middle panel to add another set of conditions.

If you’ve got a thousand photos with nonsense names clogging up your hard drive or just want to impose a little order on your work files, Renamer in Setapp is for you. With clever automation, it takes all the tedium out of organization, leaving you free to do what you do best.

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