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Be Focused: Smart Time Tracking for your Productivity

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Be Focused is an unobtrusive task planner with a built-in timer. Not only does it help you stay focused on the task at hand, it also lets you track your progress and gain new insights about your workflow. The app helps you 

Focus on what you're doing

Be Focused time tracker is ideal for students, freelancers, and anyone with big goals and finite time. 

The app encourages you to set big goals, then break them up into small, achievable tasks. Then it helps you dedicate focused time to each of those tasks, helping you build big successes out of little victories. Its inbuilt to-do list and timer help keep you on track without becoming overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll be able to arrange your priorities based so you’ll never miss a deadline. The app syncs between your devices, making the whole process seamless.

Here’s how to limit distractions and achieve more.

Create tasks

To create a task, simply click the app’s menubar Icon and name the task you want to complete. It will be added to your to-do list and you’ll be able to start a work interval for it immediately.

When you’ve finished the task, remember to click the checkmark in the upper-left corner of the timer window to mark it as complete. You can also add tasks to your to-do list by clicking the “+” at the bottom of that window.

How to create a task

Create intervals to customize work session and break lengths

The app gives you a lot of control over your workflow. To adjust the length of your work intervals, the length of your breaks, and your task-completion goals, click the “gear” button at bottom right, select “Settings,” and adjust the settings using the drop-down menus. You’ll also be able to assign hotkeys to the timer, toggle notifications, and get audio alerts.

Create intervals

Track your progress

The more you use Be Focused, the more insight you can gain into your work habits. The app’s analytics window can graph how well you met your goals over a specific period. It also displays how much time you spent working and in how many intervals, and how many individual tasks you completed.

To view this graph, click the “gear” button and select “Reports.” By adjusting the parameters of the graph, you can see your progress over any timescale: a week, a month, a year. This can be a powerful tool for motivation, and can help you identify when and why your productivity surges or slumps.

Tracking progress

Be Focused on Setapp offers two powerful resources to busy people. On the micro level, it helps keep you focused on the task at hand, letting you set breaks and work intervals of an achievable length. It helps break down complex projects into manageable tasks, and keeps you accountable to your deadlines.

On the macro level, it gives you a clear picture of your working habits, your triumphs, your setbacks, and your growth over time. Make sure that as you use the app, you’re taking advantage of both.

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