Chatmate: the smart WhatsApp desktop app for your Mac

Chatmate is a slick, unobtrusive WhatsApp client for Mac users. When you sync your WhatsApp account, you can send and receive texts, photos, videos, and voice messages right from your desktop.

The app is flexible, giving you options for how you’d like to receive notifications and display your messages. It integrates into the “share” feature of other apps, making it easy to send links, attachments, and more. Plus, it upholds WhatsApp’s reputation for security with robust, customizable privacy mode.

How to use WhatsApp on Mac desktop

Install Chatmate for WhatsApp from Setapp, wait a moment the desktop client will retrieve your contacts and conversations, and you'll be able to use WhatsApp on your Mac. Follow these easy steps to set it to your specifications.

Access and notifications

In the app’s preferences tab you can specify how you’d like to access it. Some users might choose to have its icon appear in their Dock. Others might prefer to open it with an icon in the menubar. Some might prefer to have both. You can add or remove these icons by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes.

You also have options when it comes to notifications. The app can alert you through the menubar or dock icon, or you can choose to have a desktop notification appear. This small window will let you read and respond to a message without opening the app, which can be handy for multitasking. These notifications can be further customized on the preferences page.

Customize notifications for WhatsApp desktop client


In the “Privacy” tab of the app’s preferences you’ll find an array of security settings. You can click the button under the large lock icon to open security mode. You’ll be prompted to enter a password. After a set amount of time, the app will lock and no one will be able to open it without entering that password. This feature supports touchID for Macs with touchbars.

Set up privacy settings for WhatsApp desktop app

Another feature, Stealth mode, causes the app’s window to become almost transparent. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for people nearby to see your messages.

Keep your WhatsApp conversations private


The appearance tab lets you customize the look and feel of your Chatmate window. You can set notification sounds, font size, and set a background image. You can also customize the app’s theme—a darker palette can be easier on the eyes.

Customize theme

Chatmate takes everything you love about WhatsApp and makes it available on your desktop. Be sure to take advantage of its security features and customize it to fit your needs; one size doesn’t fit all.