Keep Track of Tasks, Projects, and Notes with Cloud Outliner

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Cloud Outliner is the easy way to keep track of notes and tasks, whether you’re planning a writing project or an event.

The app’s streamlined interface automatically makes every note you take into a task that can be checked off as you complete it, which makes tracking your progress a snap. Its minimalist format makes it easy to create templates, sync with your Evernote, and share your content online.

Even better, the app safeguards your data, allowing you to password-protect sensitive outlines with a simple and secure 4-digit code. Organizing and tracking tasks just got easier, safer, and a whole lot better looking.

Here’s how to get the most out of it.

Make folders and outlines

The app lets you organize your work in a simple hierarchy of folders and outlines. To make a new folder, simply click the “Folder” icon in the upper left corner. You can create as many folders as you need, and store folders within folders. You can also drag and drop folders to adjust their position in your hierarchy.

When you need to create a new outline, click the “outline” icon in the upper left corner. If you have a folder selected, the new outline will appear in that folder, but you can always drag it to a different one if you prefer.

Make folders and outlines

Make and adjust lines

Outlines follow the same hierarchy as the folders.

To create a new task, just click the leftmost “+” button and name your task. If that task contains sub-tasks that must be completed as well, the middle “+” button will create a sub-task. You can repeat this to break up your tasks in as much detail as you please.

If you realize that a task is more important that you thought, you can promote it to a higher level by using the “shift left” button. Likewise, you can make a task subordinate to the one above it by using the “shift right” button.

adjust lines

Use checkboxes and comments

The app’s interface lets you check off completed tasks with a click. You can also add comments to any task by using the “Add Note” button.

As you work through completed tasks, it can be helpful to see only what’s left to do. To change the display settings, click the drop-down list next to the “funnel” icon at top right and select how you’d like to see your tasks.

checkboxes and comments


To keep an outline secure, select it, click “File,” and select “Set Password.” You’ll be prompted to enter and confirm a 4-digit PIN. Whenever you need to access that outline, all you’ll have to do is enter that PIN. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your work is safe.


Share and sync

You have a number of options for sharing your work, and they’re all easy to access. Go to “File,” select “Share,” and choose from a list of messaging and social media options.

You can also sync your outlines to your evernote account via a dedicated outliner server. Go to “Preferences” and check the “Sync with Evernote” box.

Share and sync

Cloud Outliner by SetApp is simple to use, which is what makes it so powerful. Take advantage of its no-nonsense design to divide up complex tasks and check off milestones as you reach them. Make sure to take advantage of its built-in security features – better safe than sorry. Plus, with Evernote integration, you’ll be able to access your outlines anywhere.

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