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Looking for a convenient, easy, fast and natural way to make notes? Alternote, an elegant app for crafting texts, seems like a great solution. Being created exclusively for Evernote, it’s the robust note taking app you will fall in love with right after you get started with it. Generally, it ensures that you gather your feelings and memories the right way, never missing a thing. Make notes, create lists, gather ideas or other valuable information, write down your thoughts, views or feelings.
Sounds good? Well, it looks good, too.

Alternote key features

Consistent note taking and notes management

Create as many notes as needed. Make to-do lists, it’s a great way to manage tasks and ensure that you don’t forget anything vital. Keep important notes in the Starred notes to easily access upon demand. Don’t need that note anymore? Trash it with ease. Don’t be afraid, you’ll be able to store it.

Night mode & a number of font and line settings

Arrange sidebar background, color scheme, and font settings to your preferences. This robust application offers 6 built-in fonts. What is more, you can also choose the preferable font size and line height. Adjust everything to your likening. It’s easy, fast and fun!

Search throughout the app + inside notes

It’s a breeze to find any note within Alternote as there’s a smart search. With it, you can easily search through note titles and contents as-you-type. It’s possible to get started with searching right after you open the app. Forget about focusing on the search field, you can also search inside a certain note.

The unique WYSIWYG editor capabilities

Designed to simplify website content creation, the app boasts a unique WYSIWYG option. It’s especially valued by programmers as it enables rich text editing capabilities. For example, if you are building up a system and need to note what you are doing, this feature is a real helper.

Print any note you need to share or take it with you

Need to have an actual copy of your note to show it later today? Promised to share your intimate note with one of your friends? Get it printed! Saving a static snapshot of your notes made easy with Alternote. Bear in mind that to Print any item, you have to save it to PDF first.

Fully backed by Evernote

Alternote is a wonderful alternative Evernote client for Mac. This consistent note taking application keeps your data at Evernote service, making it available on all of your devices. To put it simpler, you can use Evernote mobile applications and clippers. In that way, you’ll always have your data synced.
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Latest version: 1.0.10 (Setapp)
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10+
All versions rating: 4.5/5, based on 915 user reviews
Pricing: $9.99/mo