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Save time with custom actions

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Save time with custom actions

BetterTouchTool helps you completely customize and configure how you enter information into your Mac. Think keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, Touch Bar widgets, remote triggers, and more. The app not only makes it easy to control all the sequences in one place, it actually extends the default Mac capabilities to let you create the workspace you would enjoy to the fullest.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 3.781 macOS 10.10 required

BetterTouchTool features

Use all input devices

The most unique feature of BetterTouchTool is the range of input devices it lets you control. You can use your trackpad, Magic Mouse, regular mouse, keyboard, Touch Bar, iPhone or iPad (with BTT Remote), as well as Siri and Apple Remote to precisely trigger the actions you seek.

Customize the Touch Bar

BetterTouchTool enables you to reimagine the Touch Bar the way you’ve always wanted. From precisely editing the existing setup to creating new functional buttons to even defining the spacing between elements, your Touch Bar will be able to encompass unique triggers that perfectly complement the way you work.

Create any shortcut

Forget about Command + C! The limited set of keyboard shortcuts that you’ve been using every day until now dwindles your productivity. With BetterTouchTool, you can not only record new expanded shortcuts for any device but also dream up unusual key sequences, movements, gestures, and even drawings to replace the default options.

Target specific apps

Sometimes you wish you could use a convenient shortcut in different ways for different apps. BetterTouchTool lets you do just that. For every shortcut you create, you can specify in which apps it will work and in which it will be disabled. This opens lots of possibilities to rewrite your whole keyboard to suit certain apps better.

Save with clipboard manager

Besides simply replacing existing shortcuts with new ones, using BTT provides you with a few extended capabilities, such as an integrated clipboard manager to copy multiple items at once and a powerful screenshot tool so you can adjust your images on the fly. That’s at least two extra apps you don’t need to install anymore.

Code custom widgets

If AppleScript, custom URL schemes, and working on a web server via HTTP requests is something that you routinely do every day, you can apply your skills to BetterTouchTool as well and craft your own widgets to be displayed in the Touch Bar. Some examples of popular ones are cryptocurrency trackers, weather forecasts, and stock movements.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 3.781 macOS 10.10 required
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