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138 ratings

Filepane via Setapp

Save time with a file manager

FilePane is a file management utility that saves your time — and even tells you how much it saves. Using the power of drag-and-drop, the app enables you to run many file manipulations from a single window. FilePane analyzes your items and gives you corresponding quick actions like image editing, sharing, converting to other formats, etc.
version 1.10.7
requires macOS 10.10 or later

Filepane features

Anything can be dragged

FilePane goes beyond selecting files from a folder — it can also extract images from docs and capture items from apps. Basically, anything that’s draggable on Mac can be handled with FilePane. The journey is simple: Drag files onto the “Drop Here” panel > pick a quick action > save time.

Edit and compress images

If you’re a proud owner of a large photo gallery, FilePane can be your life-saver. Select an entire collection and adjust it to your needs. You can crop, rotate, or resize a batch of photos. Draw on top of your images and add annotations, or turn an image into a PDF. All from one panel.

Change file formats

You can instantly tweak the formats of your images — FilePane works with PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP. As for your text files, the app has quick actions to convert them too. For instance, you can quickly turn a TXT into a PDF, or a PDF into an image. Without wasting time on third-party tools.

Save favorite file destinations

There are always some perfect nooks on your Mac — the destinations where you’re most likely to send your files. Tell FilePane what they are, and the app will save these folders as your favorite file destinations. You can set up the faves and remove those you don’t use in the app menu.

Share your files instantly

Right from the Drop panel, you can send your file or a collection of files via any convenient channel. From AirDrop to Messages to social media platforms. You can also share more information about the file with yourself — by copying path or file size to clipboard.

Track the time you save with FilePane

The main goal of using FilePane is saving time on simple yet cumbersome processes. And the app does it perfectly. Every quick action inside FilePane has a “time saved” number of seconds. So whenever you trigger it, the time is added to your timer which you can view in the app menu.

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Positive reviews percentage
138 ratings
version 1.10.7
requires :platform 10.10 or later
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