Filter out distractions and stay on task

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Tame your ADHD
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the curse of the 21st century. Block apps and websites that ruin your focus.
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Cut down on internet time
Focus helps you spend less time on social media. Use the progress tracker to see how much time you don’t waste every day.
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Focus on one thing
With distracting apps and websites blocked, you can go even further and dim distracting active windows on your Mac with HazeOver.

Focus via Setapp

Filter out distractions and stay on task

The internet is a lot of fun, but it can also be a huge time-sink. Focus helps preserve your productivity by blocking whatever sites or apps are sapping your attention. Working together with your browser or macOS, it’s in your corner in the fight against temptation. With a flexible but firm scheduling setup, you can build in time to unwind while still safeguarding your work hours. Plus, customizable inspirational quotes and a progress-tracking feature help you stay committed. The power is yours!
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version 1.12.1 macOS 10.11 required

Focus features

Targeted Blocking

Focus lets you tailor its blocking features to your needs exactly. You can block entire applications, whole websites like Facebook or Twitter, or even specific pages. Find a new addictive page or app? Just add it to your fully customizable block list. Focus stays with you and lets you decide what your limits should be.


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” as the old saying goes. With the Schedule feature, you can decide when your page blocker should give you a break. Any good focus app gives you a chance to blow off steam — when you schedule with Focus, it’s easy to get back in the groove once your break time is over.

Progress Tracker

Sometimes, the best way to stay motivated is to see how far you’ve already come. The app’s built-in analytics show you how much time you’ve saved with your app blocker by generating custom graphs. You can use these graphs to challenge yourself to one-up your own productivity next week.

Customizable Quotes

When you try to visit a blocked site or application, Focus will show you a gray screen with an inspirational quotation. You can choose from their extensive catalogue of motivational quotes, or set it to feature one of your own. More than just a blocker, the app can make sure you see just the words of wisdom you need to get your head in the game.

Take back control

Distractions can only reach you on your terms. Focus concentrates your working life so you have enough time for personal one too.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.12.1 macOS 10.11 required
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