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The Duplicate Finder

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Ever downloaded a file twice? Copied a folder with photos and forgot about the original? Imagine how much of your disk space is wasted by duplicated files. Gemini 2 can find and remove them with laser precision. Plus, it’s beautifully designed and is a pleasure to use.

Key features:

– Identifies duplicate files and folders
– Finds duplicate pics, apps, tunes, docs, and videos
– Scans your Photos library
– Scans your iTunes library
– Works with external drives and network volumes

Gemini has a Smart Selection algorithm:

It can tell copies from originals, based on 10+ parameters and spot the differences between files to point them out. Gemini remembers how you pick files for removal and starts doing the same the next time you need it. Also, it has a built-in file preview, even for music and video.

Sounds good? Well, it looks good, too.