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Study more productively

Trying to master the art of note-taking can be frustrating, costly, and inefficient. MarginNote aims to eliminate the time-consuming and wasteful habits usually associated with taking and processing notes by making your research and analysis available everywhere you want it to be. With annotation, mind-mapping, and flashcard capabilities, the app is an e-reader that offers students and professionals the opportunity to take, digest, and revise their notes in a completely new way.
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version 3.7.14 macOS 10.12 required

MarginNote features

Add flexible reading notes to margins

MarginNote suggests a great way of escaping messy styles of note-taking, such as trying to cram notes into the margins of physical textbooks, by allowing you to annotate as much text as you need and resizing it to fit automatically. You can add photos, scribbles (if you’re missing the hand-annotated looks), images, tags, and even audio to comments.

Organize notes across multiple books

Build a meaningful link between related texts by grouping, remapping, or merging notes from different books. As a result, you can create a meaningful journey in notes, whether you’re backing up evidence with secondary information or providing contrasting viewpoints, even if they’re spread across a number of different texts.

Generate flashcards for quick study

Creating virtual flashcards with MarginNote lets you edit and tweak them as you reassess critical info, without compromising on the ability to take the notes with you on the go. That means there’s no need to start over and rewrite your flashcards if you accidentally omit key facts, or have included unnecessary information, the first time around.

Export and import notes in any format

MarginNote allows for extended flexibility through exporting flashcards to Anki, Mindmap, iThoughtsX, or MindManager. You can also create printable PDFs or, if you want to keep tabs on your notes on mobile, send all to Evernote. Apple fans can also sync books and notes with iCloud, which is great for checking out information on an iPad or iPhone.

Search by relevant keywords

Type in a keyword to highlight text and expand on it using a built-in research browser that includes image search, Quora, Wikipedia, and Google Scholar functionality. From here, you can link notes, clip text, and more. So even when you’re working on a dense project, this enables you to create annotations that are manageable and searchable.

Clip research notes quickly

With MarginNote, you can simply clip book text to create a new note without having to type anything out or trying to find the best format to showcase a number of screencapped images from different sources. That means there’s no need to transcribe information and struggle to organize it in a way that makes sense.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 3.7.14 macOS 10.12 required
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