Mission Control Plus

Mission Control Plus


Manage windows from Mission Control

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Mission Control Plus features

Tweak Mac’s native Mission Control feature to make the most out of it. Mission Control Plus is an app that adds the close button to all open windows you can view from Mission Control on Mac. It also covers a few shortcuts for quick actions like closing apps or killing active processes.

Master Mission Control and improve it

We all love Mac’s design for its simplicity and intuitiveness. Even a small display can be super functional, thanks to features like Mission Control — giving you a bird’s-eye view of all open windows. Mission Control Plus helps you not only uncover its benefits but also enjoy some extra bells and whistles.

Close windows in Mission Control

The app adds one action that intuitively feels a part of Mission Control. It’s the ability to close open windows once you access Mission Control view, with every window visible on your desktop. An irreplaceable tool to avoid Command-Tabbing through endless windows.

Useful shortcuts for batch actions

In the Mission Control Plus preferences, you’ll find the list of shortcuts that can be integrated into your workflow. Use them to kill active processes, quit apps, or close all windows at once. If working with numerous windows is your daily routine, these quick actions are huge timesavers.

Enjoy the native experience

The best thing about using Mission Control Plus is that you don’t have to learn anything new. To view all windows thumbnails, enable Mission Control as usual. Mission Control Plus simply adds extra capabilities on top of the familiar actions — no reinventing the wheel.

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Mission Control Plus
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