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NotePlan features

NotePlan is a minimal, beautiful note-taking app that sets out to solve the problems that plague most apps in the field. It helps you build a productivity machine by offering not just note-taking, but a calendar, bullet journaling, and lists. No more cluttered to-do lists or hasty scribbles in the margins of your journal. Any note you take, you can find.

With a beautiful display that uses color coding to track ongoing tasks, you’ll never want to be without your NotePlan. And with its handy iOS sync, you’ll never have to be.

Responsive calendar

The app is built around an active, responsive calendar. When you enter notes and tasks with deadlines, they’re automatically added to your calendar, giving you a bird’s-eye view of what you need to get done. Plus, its native calendar seamlessly syncs with outside platforms like iCal or Google Calendar to make sure you never miss a deadline.

Automatic notes

Note-taking is easy and organization is automatic. NotePlan supports tags, checkboxes, and filters to make your notes as useful as possible. This means that any note can become a checklist or to-do list as needed, while tagging makes it easy to sort and find exactly the page you need.


For some, the notebook is a planning tool. For others, it’s a creative home where they shape the message they’ll share with the world. The app supports Markdown so that any note can be formatted for easier reading and organization of your writing. With just a few keystrokes you can give your notes proper formatting, and hierarchy.

Robust backups

The app protects against the trauma of losing your notes with a robust backup system. It can backup lightweight text-document copies of every note you take to your iCloud server, so that even in the event of a serious hardware failure, you can recover your work. Nothing you type is ever saved on or sent to NotePlan’s servers, only Apple’s.

Hotkeys support

As gestures become a bigger part of computing, apps are adapting. NotePlan maximizes the use of hotkeys to help you easily switch between views and notes, format text with Markdown, and check off tasks. A smoother workflow is yours for the taking.

Any device

One of the most useful aspects of the app is that it doesn’t tie you to a single device. You can install it on any iOS device and sync between them so that notes you take on the subway will be waiting on your desktop when you get home. This seamless functionality helps keep you in control.

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