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Scan and OCR any document

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Extract data from old and damaged scans
Turn an image or scan into searchable text
Find and fix errors in scanned documents
Use text-to-speech to read your documents

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Prizmo via Setapp

Scan and OCR any document

Prizmo is a top-of-the-line scanning tool, perfect for capturing analog books, receipts, movie posters, and just about anything else that’s put on paper. Its powerful neural network-based optical character recognition (OCR) creates searchable PDF documents in dozens of languages, making it the ultimate scanning app for business or pleasure. Just upload from any scanner or take a photo of whatever you’d like to import, and the app will handle cropping, perspective, and any other minor tweaks. With smart features optimized for text documents and images, Prizmo is ready for anything you throw its way.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 4.3.1 macOS 10.13 required

Prizmo features

Powerful OCR for Mac

Сonvert a source image or scan to searchable text in 23 languages with Prizmo’s robust optical character recognition. With powerful editing capabilities, iCloud support, and translation into 59 languages, this Mac scanning app lets you digitize documents of any length with ease. Prizmo also comes with professional features like scriptability and automation for custom workflow integration.

OCR text editing and corrections

Adjust and correct any minor errors or misreads created while scanning as easy as in your favorite word processor. The Prizmo scanner app for Mac will even underline possible misspellings. Using the built-in editing toolkit, you can create, merge, and separate paragraphs as well as other blocks of text, so your documents look exactly as they should.

Smooth and straight images

Сorrect perspective, straighten images, provide page curvature correction to avoid recognition mistakes, and smooth pictures in seconds. If you have the best Mac scanning app, you don’t need to take perfect shots and scans. Instead, simply process them after importing.

Full online integration

Access your scanned documents on any device through iCloud or integrate with a wide range of third-party services, such as Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive, to make sharing completely seamless. Post-scan edits are saved in real time, so you can pick up and pause your editing depending on your schedule and work seamlessly across Mac and iOS thanks to Handoff.

Text-to-speech features

Have Prizmo read your digitized documents back to you out loud. The app’s advanced OCR Mac functionality allows it to read scanned documents in 26 languages. With a fully adjustable rate of speech and over 90 voices to choose from, the custom combinations are almost limitless.

Business on the go

Use Prizmo throughout your busy day in the city or even on a business trip overseas. No matter the device you have access to, Prizmo is ready to scan and recognize your text. The app works with images shot on any Apple device, digital camera, or WiFi scanner, and keeps all your receipts, sketches and business cards intact.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 4.3.1 macOS 10.13 required
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