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Download and trim videos

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Pulltube via Setapp

Download and trim videos

Pulltube is a Mac app that enables you to save any type of video and audio content from the top websites like YouTube and Vimeo — in the best quality. 4K, 8K, HD, and 60fps videos are covered. Drag your URL into the app window or instantly download via a browser extension, convert to MP3 or M4A, and adjust the length of your video flexibly.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version macOS 10.12 required

Pulltube features

Download from 1000+ sites

The extensive list of supported websites is really impressive: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youku, Bandcamp, and whatnot. Simply copy the URL/multiple URLs separated by space, or drag and drop URLs anywhere on the app window.

Instantly convert files

This downloader comes with a built-in media converter, so you don’t need to use external tools to change the file format. It’s all in. Click on HQ in the bottom right corner of the Pulltube window and you’ll be presented with the options to customize your video as well as save as MP3 or M4A.

Capture video subtitles

Download video with subtitles or grab subtitles separately. It’s a huge help for polyglots and those who want a transcript of video talks and interviews. Once you capture a link to your video with Pulltube, click on the CC button in the bottom left corner and set the app to download subtitles.

Trim your video and audio

You can save a specific part of a video or audio file — very handy if you want to capture a short scene from a movie or interview. Once you add a file to Pulltube, click on the scissors button to enter the Trimming Mode. From there, adjust the clip duration and press Trim to save it.

Download faster via extensions

Save media files as you browse in Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Download Pulltube’s smart extensions and use them when you come across something interesting on the web. Once you click on the extension, Pulltube will instantly send the download URL to the app.

Customize how you use Pulltube

Once you try Pulltube, there’s no going back — you’ll want to use it often, possibly very often. This is where Pulltube’s keyboard shortcuts and gestures will be useful. Swipe right/left to see the menu, hit Enter/Return to start downloading, Esc to cancel data fetching, and more.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version macOS 10.12 required
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