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SQLPro Studio

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Positive reviews percentage
444 ratings

SQLPro Studio via Setapp

Manage multiple DBMS

Often use one certain database manager or even several DBMS at once, right? Use SQLPro Studio for viewing, storing and retrieving SQL server data with ease. You’ve got one user interface to work with a number of database types at the same time. The app comes with a set of rich features, so it is useful for many cases. You can simultaneously select several tables, update table content and compare query results. Plus, as soon as you give it a try, you’ll notice that it is simple and straightforward. Come and check what it has to offer!
version 2023.56
requires macOS 10.13 or later

SQLPro Studio features

Compatible with Major SQL database types

Do not limit yourself to a single database type! The app allows you to use the majority of SQL database types, not to mention MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server (2005 or higher), PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and Oracle (8i or +).

A number of result sets at once

How about getting the results for multiple tables at the same time? Fancy simultaneously executing a number of queries? Use this handy database management app! The SQL formatter and validator feature is a nice way to go if you often work with SQL and DBs. Get the results for each table displayed at once, both messages and errors. Update table content with ease.

One or several cells selection

Work with results using single or multi-cell selection, just like a spreadsheet. Select one or several cells at a time. Now with this cool app, you do not need to use the full-row selection once you wish to select a single cell. It’s designed to format any kind of SQL statements with ease.

Solid basic SQL management tools

This simple database software has everything you may expect in terms of database management. Create or update tables without efforts. You can detect any kind of syntax errors within seconds because if there is a mistake, it gets highlighted. Plus, there is a handy autocomplete feature.

Cloud-based services support

Regularly work with cloud vendors, for example, Heroku, Amazon relational database service, or Microsoft Azure? This application has got you covered because it supports major cloud database vendors. The functionality is the same as the one provided by a locally-hosted SQL instance.

Native utility for your Mac

This Mac application does not require Java. For you, this means that it effortlessly outperforms any of the other Java based database management interfaces. So, it smoothly runs each time you launch it on your computer.

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SQLPro Studio
Positive reviews percentage
444 ratings
version 2023.56
requires :platform 10.13 or later
SQLPro Studio
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