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Query, edit, and manage databases

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TablePlus TablePlus

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TablePlus via Setapp

Query, edit, and manage databases

TablePlus is a powerful and friendly GUI tool for relational databases, designed to give you a convenient hub for overseeing your SQL. Whether you manage a single database or a dozen, the app’s easy-to-use interface and soothing appearance take the hassle out of your workflow. Built with performance in mind, the app offers speed and simplicity without sacrificing power or control. Even more, a full range of keyboard shortcuts is there to help you condense your tasks. Built to handle the standard range of SQL formats, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite, TablePlus also grows with you, letting you add new plugins and drivers as they become necessary. Lightweight and minimal, it still packs the power and flexibility to meet any challenge.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 4.7.2 macOS 10.11 required

TablePlus features

Fast and secure

Dive in and out of TablePlus so quickly you won’t even notice you are using a powerful SQL editor for Mac. Unlike many of its competitors, TablePlus is focused on getting rid of unnecessary add-ons and being as agile as possible. The app’s native build means it’s optimized to run on your Mac at top speed without compromising security. TablePlus equipped with secure features like native libssh and TSL to encrypt your connection and protect your database.

Organized and error-free

Keep your database tools separate and organized by using multiple tabs and windows, so you can sort through your projects with ease. The script editor provides backend support with syntax and error highlighting features that help you catch mistakes quickly and keep moving. A safe mode and code preview also allow for experimentation without risk.

Intuitive user experiences

Clearly identify the data you need without sacrificing information density with this relational database tool for Mac. Unlike most database managers, TablePlus features a smooth design that’s intuitive and pleasant to look at. In addition, an optional dark theme is great for late-night work or general low-light environments.

Extensive database management

Flip easily between database tools and connections without ever opening another app or window, saving time and focus. No more running multiple SQL client apps to support a collection of databases in a variety of styles and formats. TablePlus solves this problem by providing an extensive range of optional drivers.

Plug and play functionality

Install plugins written by others to extend the app’s functionality or write some of your own in JavaScript to get the exact features you need. While TablePlus prides itself on minimalism, it also keep an open-source approach to flexibility and doesn’t restrict any modifications you want to implement.

Quick support and iteration

Contact TablePlus directly for guidance or suggest how the relational database for Mac could be improved. The app has gathered an engaged and active community, which constantly develops features in response to feedback. Updates and fixes are released weekly, meaning there is always something new to try out.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 4.7.2 macOS 10.11 required
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