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TeaCode is a powerful app, created to write code super fast by expanding short, dynamic code templates into the real code. It comes with a simple variable-based language that supports subexpressions, optional patterns and filters. Creating new expanders is extremely easy. TeaCode supports native editors (Xcode, TextMate, Coda, etc.) as well as Atom, Sublime Text, VSC and JetBrains IDEs (PHPStorm, AppCode, etc.) Write your code super fast No matter what programming language you use, there is always lots of code to write. TeaCode writes it with you. And it makes it all much quicker. Just write a pattern, press TeaCode shortcut and TeaCode will finish it for you. Over 70 build-in expanders TeaCode comes with 70+ build-in expanders. For Swift, PHP and HTML. Create your own expanders It's extremaly easy! Create them once, use them any time and write your code faster. Any text editor Use your expanders almost anywhere. TeaCode works with probably all native macOS text editors. We also make plugins for Atom, Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs (PHPStorm, AppCode, etc) and Sublime Text. Export You can export your whole bundle of expanders to share it with others more easily. Quick browser Need to access or find any expander syntax quickly? Press ⌘+⇧+space and start typing.
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Rating: 4.5/5
based on 915 reviews
Latest Version: 1.0
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10+

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