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Timing features

How about becoming more productive? Use Timing, the powerful automatic time tracking application to get the job done fast. Concentrate on your work, not on the time counting processes. The app can help you as it not only analyses how you use Mac and groups the activities, but it also provides comprehensive reports. It’s totally effortless to take over the usage stats of applications, websites, or documents you work on.

Start/stop timers goodbye

Starting or stopping a timer to report to your customers is so old fashioned. Today, freelancers prefer Timing to get that job done fully automated. It is time to concentrate on the more important things, such as quality of work and customer satisfaction.

Document-based tracking

Stay in the know with everything happening with your documents. Timing monitors the path of each document you work on, no matter whether you are just viewing it or editing. Check which docs take the most time and analyze why.

Download comprehensive reports

Analyze what you do/did within a specific period of time. Specify your requirements and generate specific reports based on your needs. Once you are finished, export the data to create invoices.

Track out off Mac activities

Your Mac is always with you, but sometimes you need to track activities out of it, right? For instance, phone calls or meetings. In this case, all you need to do to be able to take control of them is to manually add them in this tracker app.

Create your own rules

To become even more productive, use this robust application. Avoid procrastination, make sure you use your time in a most effective way. Create your own rules and get the job done even more quickly.

Popular browser monitoring supported

You work mostly in a web browser? Don’t worry, you can get the information about this usage as well. With Timing, you always stay in the know what you need to do when and how much each action takes time. So, it’s also a smart way to plan.

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