Yummy FTP Watcher

Yummy FTP Watcher

Automated Folder-Watching FTP Client

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Yummy FTP Watcher is an unobtrusive app that helps keep your files synced, no matter what kind of server is hosting them. You can set it up to run quietly in the background, syncing whenever a file is changed, or at regular intervals. Add the power of automation to your workflow and never worry about having consistent versions of your crucial files ever again. Yummy takes care of it all while you don’t even lift a finger. Now that’s sweet.
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Yummy FTP Watcher key features

Folder watching

Assign the app to work as an automatic FTP manager for local and remote files. Once you instruct it to watch a file or folder on your Mac or server, it will automatically upload, download, and archive anything added or changed. This gives you and your team complete version sync for important documents, keeping you all on the same page.

Automatic monitoring

Let the app do all the FTP monitoring silently in the background, but easily access its monitor view and editor through the menu bar. If you need to double check a sync, those windows are just a click away. You’ll be able to see automated transfers as they happen, make any last-minute changes, and perform manual tweaks as needed.

Preset schedules

If you’d rather not use the app to monitor and update files, schedule updates and syncs in advance. Set up managed file transfers that sync at preferred regular intervals: seconds, days, months, and even years. The syncs can run in any direction: Mac to server, server to Mac, and even mirror syncs.

Folder browser

View all your servers through a single built-in folder browser. Whether you use FTP/S, SFTP, or WebDAV/S servers, you can easily and quickly search for what you need and restructure the layout right from the app. It also handles multiple servers with ease, letting you toggle seamlessly between different remote locations.

Defined boundaries

Set bandwidth restrictions, filtering, and exclusions to let the auto FTP manager truly shine. That way the peace of mind simply can’t be overstated. The app’s background work won’t put a dent in your connection, and you won’t spend extra time updating files that don’t need it.

Email notifications

Keep yourself in the loop and use automated email notifications to know when things are going smoothly or when a problem has occurred, so you can quickly jump in before the crisis hits. A hands-off approach shouldn’t mean no communication. In fact, communication is key.
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Latest version: 3.0.9
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10+
All versions rating: 4.5/5, based on 915 user reviews
Pricing: $9.99/mo