Easily lay out complex documents with Swift Publisher

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Swift Publisher is a slick, professional-looking desktop publisher for Mac, perfect for putting together reports, menus, and other formatted publications.

The app is intuitive enough for beginners to use, while still offering impressive variety, functionality, and control. With time-saving features like templates, master pages, and customizable styles, this publishing tool offers DIY convenience for anyone who needs their work to shine online or on paper.

Desktop publishing software (DTP) like Swift Publisher gives you control over all the elements your document might need: text boxes, images, dynamic calendars, and more. Its pared-down interface encourages a smooth, straightforward workflow, while its tutorial library has you covered if you run into trouble. It can even eliminate tedious tasks like addressing envelopes.

Best of all, you can get Swift Publisher’s complete suite of features on your Mac free with your Setapp subscription — no additional fees, tie-in programs, or creative suites. Why waste time, money, and frustration on formatting when you could try the swift way?

Start with instant inspiration

Sometimes there’s nothing scarier than a blank page, especially when you have to make, say, a flyer from scratch. That’s where the templates come in.

In the app’s opening window, you’ll find a list of template categories at left. Each one contains pre-formatted and styled options for publications that you can change as much (or as little) as you need.

Just click Choose and use the Editing Tools icons at top left to start making the template your own.

swiftpublisher templates

Assign custom text styles

In formatted documents, every element has a job to do, but they also need to work together. Once you’ve got your text in place, use the Text Styles menu to assign custom sizes and weights to headings, body text, and captions.

If you need to add custom versions, click Edit Styles. Click the T tab on the right-hand panel to adjust individual elements; the Object Causes Wrap button will ensure that the text automatically breaks around images and other text boxes.

swiftpublisher custom versions

Avoid repetition with master pages

Master Pages let you create a basic outline and tweak it slightly as needed — like for a menu that changes daily. This saves you the trouble of doing the same formatting work over and over.

Click the Notebook icon to open the Pages menu, then click the gear icon and Select Master Pages. Once you’ve added the elements you want, switch back to Content Pages, click the gear again, select Apply Master Page, and choose the version you want to add.

swiftpublisher select master pages

Engage dynamic publishing scripts

Dynamic Fields are a great solution for tedious tasks like page numbering. To include these features in your project, click Insert and select one of the dynamic values from the list. These automatically update as your project grows, or according to a print list (a real time saver).

swiftpublisher dynamic fields

Making a great-looking publication shouldn’t have to eat up your whole day. Thanks to Swift Publisher (available on Setapp), it doesn’t have to. With its supportive, flexible, and powerful features in your corner, you can focus on what really matters.

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