How to improve your typing skills with KeyKey Typing Tutor

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If you’ve struggled to raise your words per minute, KeyKey Typing Tutor is the typing tutor for you. With just one 15-minute keyboard typing practice per day, this innovative app helps you type faster and with fewer errors, all without annoying tests or games. By modeling proper finger placement on screen, adjusting the worldlist in response to your errors and successes, and providing a smooth, continuous practice, it lets you master touch keyboarding at your own pace.

Test and train your typing skills on a Mac

Built with function and utility in mind, lessons are compiled from over 3,000 books and articles. It dynamically assigns both common and uncommon words so your practice mirrors its real-world applications.

With full support for both roman and cyrillic characters and dozens of keyboard formats and languages to choose from, the app can help you get familiar with a new setup at top speed. With a daily commitment to practicing, you can reach 60 words per minute in just a few weeks. Plus, the app’s “expert mode” can continue to push your limits and drive your skills to the next level.

Here’s how KeyKey Typing Tutor helps you pick up the pace.

Start with a touch type lesson

To complete a daily lesson, open the app and arrange your hands so they match the ones onscreen. Type the string of letters as they cross the middle of the screen, taking care to match finger movements. If you make an error, it will appear in red. The numbers at the top of the screen will update in real time in response to your performance. Don’t let errors discourage you! Everyone has room to improve.

keykey typing lesson

Customize to make the tutor yours

Click the gear icon to change the setting to fit your needs. At the top, you can choose between the automatic lesson, wherein the app advances you automatically as your skills grow, and the manual lesson, where you choose the difficulty yourself. You can also select the language and keyboard style that you’re trying to improve. Error sound throwing you off? Need some extra help? Toggle the guide features using the switches at the bottom of the menu.

keykey typing progres

Check and internalize the typing stats

Click the pie chart icon in the bottom right corner to bring up the analytics screen. Here you can see how far you’ve progressed in the typing course, and how your score ranks on each lesson. The bar graph running along the bottom of the screen shows you your WPM as well as the frequency of your errors. This is a great way to see what’s going wrong and where you’re improving, and can help you stay motivated to go further.

keykey typing settings

It’s hard to raise your touch keyboarding skills overnight, especially when you need to learn a new format. KeyKey Typing Tutor, available on Setapp, has just the tools to help.

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