How to work with all database types in one app

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If you often need to work with multiple database types, you know the pain. Most database management systems only support one or a few, so you end up using multiple database managers, which defeats their purpose in the first place.

Naturally, there is a better way, and it’s called SQLPro Studio — a database management system that will combine all your previous data stack into one straightforward app. Sounds unreal? Well, here’s how to get databases to work for you.

Connect to a database of any format

When you are ready to work on a project, just launch SQLPro Studio and click Connect in the top-left corner. Select the plus icon in the top left and choose the type of the database you’d like to connect. Enter the credentials and click Save. Or, just to see how the system works, you can select one of the Sample Connections first.

Connect to a database

Create a new database query

Once you connect to your database of choice, you can type your custom query right in the editor and click “Run all” in the top-right corner to perform it. The table below would then respond to your function accordingly.

sqlpro studio create new database

Run multiple database queries at once

SQLPro Studio also gives you the option to perform multiple queries (even if contradictory) at once and splits the view of your database to show you the results. Just type in the query in the text editor as usual and click “Run all.” The table underneath will then reflect the result for each query separately.

multiple database queries

Effortlessly edit table data

Changing data in any cell is easy with SQLPro Studio. Just open the table you’d like to edit. Right-click on the row and choose “Edit selected row.” Then scroll through all the cells, find the one you need, type the change in the text editor, and click Accept.

edit table data

Whatever database format you work with, MySQL or PostgreSQL, and regardless of whether it’s local or up in the cloud, SQLPro Studio is the right choice.

Best of all, SQLPro Studio is available as a free trial via Setapp, along with 150 over high-quality macOS apps. So try it today and see how all your database needs can be covered by a single database management system.

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