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Your Mac solving math tasks, like a teacher

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Have you ever thought of your Mac as a math solver? Not Google, Mac. It seems the time has come. So abandon your calculators folks, we’ve got something better.

Get PocketCAS instead of a math tutor 

The most powerful Mac utility for solving math tasks, PocketCAS is something you can benefit from both as a math geek or a complete beginner. Even your high math teacher would appreciate the quick help PocketCAS can provide. It’s easy, intuitive, yet extremely powerful in terms of math capabilities. 

pocketcas walkthrough

Calculate and solve equations offline 

You need neither Google, nor tons of books to prepare for a math exam. With PocketCAS, a handy math solver is always on your Mac, ready to assist with algebra tasks, calculus, and equations of any complexity. Here’s only a small list of capabilities the app has: 

  • Calculate determinants and eigenvalues. 
  • Compute symbolic integrals. 
  • Calculate limits, derivatives, and taylor expansions. 
  • Invert and multiply matrices. 

If you don’t find what you need, there’s a great way to customize. Using PocketCAS’ C-like scripting language, define your own functions or use conditional expressions and loops. 

Create and animate plots with ease 

PocketCAS also covers extensive support for plotting graphs that will help you represent relationships between different types of variables. There are three types of plots the app can draw for you: 

  • 2D cartesian, implicit, polar, or parametric plots; 
  • 3D parametric and x-y cartesian plots; 
  • and animated plots (available via the “anim” variable). 

So you can actually see how your 2D and 3D plots evolve. 

Three types of plots

A dedicated math keyboard 

To easily type your equations and define functions, use PocketCAS’ robust math keyboard. Toggle between tabs to find the symbol you need — whether for calculus, linear algebra, or scripting. No need to install anything, the keyboard is equally easy to use on any of your Apple devices. 

Math keyboard with math symbols

Extensive sharing support

Anything you create with PocketCAS can be taken into the real world — whether through export, printing, or iCloud sync. You can also easily upload documents with functions or plots, and even run a CSV import. All kinds of ways to flexibly manage your math jobs.

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