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While GitHub is one of the best tools for solving your code chaos, it’s pretty much tied to your network connection. Plus, many developers seek a cozier, personal spot for their code. Like SnippetsLab

A private collection of code snippets in SnippetsLab 

It’s a Mac app that allows to bring together, edit, and share code snippets. Working with over 350 languages, there’s virtually no chance SnippetsLab fails to manage your code. The app embraces two different shapes — you can work in a full-screen editor, or deal with your snippets from the menu bar. Always within your ideal workflow. 

Keep code snippets organized, no matter the size

The purpose of using SnippetsLab is to have code fragments and snippets at your fingertips, always. Keeping the promise, the app comes with powerful organization assets. You can create smart groups, nested folders, and tags to easier navigate across your code. Search is pretty flexible, too — enabling you to sort snippets by date, title, etc. 

Code snippet organizer

If you need some additional space for notes — basically, any background info that relates to your code — SnippetsLab has it covered. Combine multiple fragments into the same snippet or add notes of any size, all within the same interface. 

SnippetsLab assistant in your menu bar 

For quick access, you can search across code snippets from your menu bar. And not only search. Customize the search scope, so that SnippetsLab always shows what you expect to see. Preview snippets, open the main window, or instantly copy the snippet content to your clipboard. 

Search, preview, open or copy your snippets from menu bar

Syntax highlighting and markdown support 

In the app Preferences, you can see the full list of 350+ supported languages. SnippetsLab has syntax highlighting for all of them — and allows you to toggle between the preferred languages right from the code editor. You can also switch between editing mode and markdown preview for complete visibility. 

Creating and highlighting code blocks

Extensive sharing 

SnippetsLab allows to easily import your code from Github, thanks to built-in Gist integration. It works both ways — you can grab code from Github or export your snippets as gists from the app. Even export your complete library as JSON, XML, or plain text. To keep your code consistent and secure across devices, SnippetsLab has iCloud integration and runs daily library backups.

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