SQLite that suits your data needs

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Every database needs a good boss. Someone who can not only peek inside a table, but also create a new one, make edits, analyze queries, and whatnot. Guess what, we have a great candidate for the role.

SQLPro for smarter SQLite management

A world-class SQLite manager for macOS, SQLPro for SQLite is a combination of a sleek interface, advanced features, and multi-query execution. Quickly access, view, and edit multiple tables – the app makes your interaction with a database trouble-free, even if it’s the first time you get your hands on it.

Work your way through the basics

SQLite database browsers can be too complicated. Especially if you only need to make a few simple edits, SQLPro is a way out. This small app removes a steep learning curve, teaching you to easily modify keys and triggers, create tables, and execute data filtering.

sqlpro for sqlite run all

Get a perfect view of your data

Yes, SQLite always means tons of data. Which is not a problem at all if you’re using SQLPro. Organize, filter by name, and edit data with inline table editor. To execute more advanced operations like hex viewing or image importing, use row editor.

sqlpro for sqlite view

Pick your faves  

Once you know the ropes, find your perfect way to interact with an SQLite database. The beauty of SQLPro is that it allows you to save queries and get back to them when you need. In the Query tab, click on Favorites > Edit favorites/Add current query as favorite. If you keep the most used queries in one place, execution is just one click away.

sqlpro for sqlite favorites

Walk many query roads at the same time

Compared to other popular SQLite viewers, the app has a stunning query processing power. If you access Query tab, in the right middle corner of your screen, you’ll see a magic button “Run all,” which (no big surprise) runs multiple queries. One simple feature that saves your time and enables a complete view of results for multiple tables simultaneously.


A reliable SQLite browser and editor saves you the trouble of getting lost in the jungle of data. SQLPro for SQLite, a small app that now resides in Setapp, handles database management seamlessly, so that you don’t even have to enter the jungle. Well, unless you want to see a tiger.

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