Timing: the best automatic time tracking tool to increase your productivity

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Timing is an app built to help you understand your time in a whole new way. Instead of making you track your time manually with start/stop timers, it works behind the scenes, keeping an itemized count of exactly how long you spend using different apps. Timing logs apps, websites, and documents. No more start/stop timers!

It doesn’t stop there, though. The app’s Review feature lets you assign periods of activity to different projects and tasks based on which app, document, or website you used, helping you analyze your work habits and redirect your efforts. The Reports panel turns all information into clear, task-oriented timesheets for employers (or clients) as well as tailored readouts for your personal use. Looking for smart time tracker that detects idle time automatically? No need to worry if you step away from your computer without stopping your time. With Timing app you’ll be saving time, and keeping you updated on exactly how many minutes you’ve been spending on your current task and helping you focus.

Tip: if you work on a project basis and not hourly (you shouldn't bill hourly), then still track your time so you can know which projects are taking longer than you thought, and therefore less profitable.

However you use your Mac, Timing keeps you accountable and on task, helping you become more productive.

Start a time tracker in seconds

Timing’s onboarding process is designed to get you going in no time. If you need more options, use the app’s quick menu. Click on the “T” icon in the menu bar to launch the menu, which, among other things, lets you control the logging activity after you’ve been idle for a while (e.g. in a meeting). In this menu you can also quick-start a task by clicking “Start Task” 

A quick-start task

and use the drop-down menus to assign it to a project.

Assign task to a project

Visual display of your time and tasks

The Overview panel gives you a bird’s-eye view of how productively you spend your time, ideal for quick glances. The top left display breaks down your productivity day-by-day and scores how much time you spend on productive tasks vs. procrastination and distractions. The displays below show what percentage of your time you devote to different apps and to-dos. Click the date bar at the top of the screen to adjust the date range, or use the “Filters” menu to focus on specific projects or apps for more insight.

Timing overview

Create projects and calculate how much of your time is useful

The Review panel lets you create and assign projects to better sort through your activity. The timeline at the top of the screen is broken down into “App Activity,” “Project,” and “Task.” App activity can be assigned to projects by dragging it from one of the four cards — “Keywords,” Websites,” “Apps,” and “Paths” — onto projects. And with the Option key pressed while dragging, a rule will automatically be created, eliminating the need for using the rule editor manually. That way, you can assign several hours of time with just a few clicks — with automatic suggestions doing most of the work for you.

Timing review tasks

Use Timing reports to track billable time

Timing provides a range of ways to put its analytics to work in the Reports tab. Whether it’s an invoice for freelance work or a printout for your own records, these reports take just a few clicks to complete. Use the “Projects” menu on the left-hand side to narrow the range of activities you want to cover. Use the drop-down “Load Preset” menu and the customization features at right to select what you’d like your report to cover. Finally, use the drop-down options under “Export Settings” to select the format and styling of your final report.

Timing reports


Once you start tracking your activity with Timing, your insights into your workflow will only grow. The more you refine your keywords and rules, the more effectively you can link the app activity to tasks and projects. Plus, the longer you use the app, the more you’ll know about how your productivity changes over time. Give yourself the gift of background analytics and do more than you ever thought you could with Timing.

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