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Whether you’re trying to master the MCAT or just pass a Spanish class, chances are you’re going to need to memorize a lot of new information. And one of the surest ways to build up your recall and familiarity with new terms and ideas is the humble flashcard.

But this time-honored memory tool has its flaws — it’s time-consuming, it’s not very responsive, and the cards have a habit of going missing the night before the test. Flashcards, it seems, are due for an upgrade.

Studies sets out to be that upgrade. This comprehensive memorization app lets you build and organize a complete set of flashcards for any subject. The cards are fully customizable, with options for adding audio and images, and a variety of question and answer formats.

Best of all, the app tracks your progress as you practice, helping you focus on the cards that give you the most trouble. It’s the best of both worlds, combined to make you a better learner. Here’s how to study smart.

Make cards and stacks

The app organizes your flashcards into groups called stacks. To create one, click the New Stack button, name it, and select what style of card you want it to include from the drop-down menu.

Once you’ve made a stack, you can populate it by clicking New Note and filling out card information manually. The buttons at the bottom of the card screen let you adjust the card type and save templates for later cards.

Make stacks

Manage your progress with stacks

Once you’ve assembled your cards, the stack view can help you give more direction to your study. Click the name of a stack for an overall view of the cards, and use the drop-down menu on the right to change the display mode. The bar graph icon opens a chart that gives insights into how your study is progressing. Click any card and hit the Flag icon to mark it for extra focus.

Manage your progress

Study and test your knowledge

When you’re ready to practice your skills, click the Study Session button and choose a variation from the menu. Answer the questions according to the format, making sure that you use the X and Checkmark buttons to record whether you answered correctly or not. This feedback helps the app understand where you need more practice.

Study and test with Study

Import and neatly organize stacks

Click the Search Online button to source thousands of ready-made stacks from the study site Quizlet. Type the subject into the search bar and hit enter, then press the Download button to import the stacks you find into your library.

You can navigate your growing collection with the tabs on the left-hand side, which can sort your cards by many criteria, including which ones you’ve answered incorrectly.

Import stacks

Studies, available free with your Setapp subscription, helps bring your test prep into the digital age. No more lost notecards, no more paper cuts — just the help you need.

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