Create and manage databases with Base app

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Base is an easy SQLite interface that lets you create and manipulate databases with ease. The app makes it easy to import and export databases from CSV and SQL formats or build them from scratch. Its interface is designed to make database management a snap. Add tables and constraints with a few clicks, saving time and giving clarity to your data. Plus, with its easy-to-use search feature and multiple views, finding the data you need has never been easier.

Getting started with Base

Here’s how to use Base app to work with your databases.

Creating databases

When you open the app, you’ll be prompted to start a new database. If at any point you need another, go to the “File” menu and select the “New” option, then name your database and select a location for it.

Once you’ve got your database, you can customize it as needed.

Create your own database

Importing data to your database

One way to populate your database is by importing SQL or CSV files that contain data you want to use. To do this, click the “Import” button at the top left of your database screen, then choose whether you’d like to import an SQL file or a CSV file.

Once you’ve chosen your file type, make the necessary specifications on the appropriate tab and click “import”. Be aware that you can make CSV files into new table entirely or import them into an existing table.

Import and export your data

Creating tables

If you’re not importing tables, you’ll need to build them from scratch. Click the “+” button at the bottom left of the database page to start a new table. Name your table, then click the top “+” button to add a column, name it, and specify its type.

From there, assigning constraints only takes a few clicks. Or, specify and name constraints of your own by clicking the lower “+” sign.

When you’re finished, click “save” to create your table.

Organize data ans add tables

Searching for data

Once you’ve got a set of tables, it can be hard to find the data you’re looking for or to troubleshoot your SQL commands. Luckily, the app is equipped with a robust search bar to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. It also gives you four different views of your tables: Schema, Data, SQL, and Log.

To switch between these modes in table view, just click the relevant tab.

Quick data filtering and easy searching for data

With Base, you’ll get a clear and multifaceted view of your databases. Creating and constraining tables becomes a snap with the app’s table editor, and its multiple viewing styles let you zoom in on exactly what you need to correct. Plus, the app’s omnivorous import feature makes adding existing files a breeze.

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