Folx, an easy to use download manager and torrent client app

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If you’ve ever been stymied by a torrent that took ages to finish downloading, Folx is the app you never knew you needed. When you use it to download torrents, you can split large files into up to 20 streams that download simultaneously, speeding up the process.

But it doesn’t end there. The app combines its torrent client with a download manager that lets you download music and videos directly from sites like youtube and vimeo. Plus, it offers a built-in torrent search feature and supports scheduled downloads.

Torrents explained

Back in the days when Netflix was a DVD rental service, torrents were the only way to access any media content. Although the rise of streaming services caused a decline, downloading large video files over the BitTorrent network is still a go. Mainly because it’s free. Plus you don’t have to choose between HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming kings – BitTorrent gives you a universal access.

So what exactly stands behind torrents? BitTorrent is a P2P-based method allowing to download large media files as well as games and applications. P2P means a torrent file is uploaded and downloaded across multiple computers. Those who are uploading are referred to as seeders and those who download – leechers. The download speed directly depends on how many people seed your file.

A torrent downloader is software that helps transfer a file to your computer. Once you locate a link on a torrent website, a torrent client is used to actually download it.

Why to use torrents

  1. It’s easy to find almost any video content and will take you less time to download than with direct downloading.
  2. No fees, except for the cost of the software you use to download and manage torrents.
  3. Network issues won’t disrupt the download process – it will be resumed automatically once you’re back online.
  4. The majority of torrent clients support remote downloading and scheduling.
  5. Since P2P downloading is a decentralized process, you can rely on many sources instead of just one.

Is downloading torrents legal?

Whether it’s legal to download a torrent file or not depends on the content you aim to obtain and how you’ll use it. Think a kitchen knife. While it’s a tool used in food preparation, it could also be a weapon. For example, it’s illegal to download torrent movies before they come out on DVD. But if the copyright holder provides a permission for the file to be downloaded and shared, you’re breaking no laws.

How to choose torrent downloader for Mac

Tons of paid and free torrent apps can be found online. There’s one problem, though. Because you can’t really control what’s inside a torrent file until you download it, scammers often use torrent to infect your Mac with some sort of malware. Plus, there could be issues with converting downloaded files into formats that your Mac can open.

We recommend choosing Mac torrent downloader that manages both the download process and results. From regulating speed and bandwidth to editing the output.

Meet an easy-to-use download manager

Folx fits the query perfectly. This small app combines the functionality of a torrent client and download manager. Torrent search is available right in the app, so you get all available sources brought to you directly. By splitting downloads in up to 20 streams, the app significantly accelerates the downloading process.

Here’s how to make Folx your go-to app for media.

Navigating and customization

The app’s home screen is divided into several sections. To flip between them, just click the gray word next to the downward facing arrow in the top middle of the screen. This will let you choose whether you want to see all your downloads, only those downloads that are paused or finished, or review upcoming scheduled downloads.

You can also filter your downloads by tag by clicking any of the tag filters at left.

Folx is customized to your liking

Torrent downloading

Folx offers a full torrent client for macOS. To access it, click the blue “+” button on the search bar and select the “Torrent” tab. Then click the three dots at right to select the torrent file you want to download. Then set your preferences using the drop-down menus, add any desired tags, and click “OK”. You can also use the default search bar to search for torrents.

In case you don’t want to start downloading at this very moment, schedule torrents for later. This can be done in the app Preferences.

Download torrent files on a Mac

Optimize download speed

In case it’s going too slow, Folx has capabilities for splitting downloads in up to 20 parallel streams. Plus, the app considers all the active processes that are running on your Mac to cleverly adjust download speed. You can manually tweak speed settings in Folx by accessing Preferences > Smart Speed.

Downloading any content by URL

You can also download content by URL. To do so, select the “URL” tab and paste your selected URL into the bar. Add any tags, then add a name for the new file. You can also select whether you’d like to split the download, which can be helpful for larger media.

Downloading from YouTube

The process is almost identical for video from Youtube. Just click the Youtube tab and enter the link or URL. One extra option you have, however, is a drop-down menu that lets you choose what resolution you’d like to download.

Download from YouTube and other websites

Capturing favorite music

Folx Pro also works with audio – you can capture a song or a playlist with the app and then send it directly to your iTunes. To simplify the search, type in the name of a song right in the app, no need to even open your browser. Just as with video, you can accelerate music downloading by splitting an mp3 file into multiple streams.

With Folx by Setapp, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your favorite media. Whether you want to take your favorite videos on the go or just want a handy tool for keeping track of your torrents, this simple app is the last one you’ll ever need.

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