How to write your best with Ulysses

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Move aside, Pages. Ulysses is a word processor that rethinks the way we write. Instead of cluttering up the page with formatting options, the app provides a simple, clean word processor where all you see is the words you've written on a blank page.

When you're ready to format, Ulysses employs a simple, web-ready formatting system called MarkdownXL that allows you to format your text without ever using your mouse. Every formatting change can be made with characters, so there's no need to hunt for the indent button or line spacing menu anymore.

Ulysses also has an iOS client for editing your texts on iPhone and iPad. So when you use the app via Setapp, you can have the same license for iOS.

Plus, when you format with MarkdownXL, you can seamlessly export your work to a number of formats, and even publish directly to Wordpress and Medium. You'll never write the same way again.

Staying organized with Ulysses

Ulysses automatically saves everything you write in one convenient library, and lets you organize pieces of text (sheets) however you see fit. You can put sheets into groups and create filters that group together sheets that share a common keyword or phrase.

Sheets can be split apart or combined at will, allowing you to stitch together a series of notes or break a long piece into more workable sections. These organizational tools make it easy to stay focused on the task at hand.


MarkdownXL and you

The app makes it easy for you to integrate MarkdownXL into your work. MarkdownXL will handle all your formatting needs, from making text bold or italicized to creating numbered lists and footnotes.

A handy guide to the formatting keystrokes is built into Ulysses' interface, and you can detach it and keep it open for as long as you need to refer to it. Before long, you'll be creating beautifully formatted work without a single click


Publishing your writing

If you frequently blog on sites like WordPress or Medium, you can configure Ulysses to publish directly to those platforms. Plus, you can sync the desktop app with its mobile counterparts, so you can speak your mind from any of your devices.

If you're not publishing to WordPress or Medium, the app allows you to export your work as HTML, .doc, PDFs, and even ebooks. MarkdownXL is compatible with all these formats, so no matter which one you choose, your work will consistently look professional. You can also choose from a number of built-in styles to give your writing extra polish.

ulysses Publishing

With Ulysses, you can leave the busy, complicated formatting of other word processors behind. Get your best work done in a minimal, pared-down environment, then export it seamlessly for the web.

Here is a wrap-up video of how Ulysses works:

That's it. Yes, it's really that easy.

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