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n-Track Studio: a powerful Digital Audio Multitrack Recorder for your Mac.

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N-track studio is a powerful but approachable music editor with features that will satisfy singer-songwriters, crate-diggers, and first-time DJs alike.

N-Track Recording Studio Tutorial

Its all-in-one suite of tools lets you record, mix, edit, and export a track all from your Mac desktop. The app supports multi-track recording and can even handle live recordings, while also offering an extensive effects library and a lightweight, latency-free audio engine. All told, it’s a complete recording studio, conveniently located on your desktop.

Here’s how to start pumping out the jams.

How to start recording in n-Track Studio

It's time to try n-Track Studio a powerful digital audio multitrack recorder.

  1. To start recording a new track, open the app’s main window (called the “timeline”) and click the “add channel” button. This will create a new audio channel for whatever you’d like to record; tracks can consist of many individual channels.
  2. In the channel’s tab on the left-hand side, click the drop-down Input menu (marked with the letter “I”). Select the input you’d like to use to record the track (this could be your computer’s built-in microphone or an external device like a keyboard.
  3. When you’re ready to record, click the “record” button in the lower left corner. When you’ve finished recording, click the “stop” button to finalize the channel.

Add and record as many tracks as you wish. n-Track Studio app can manage as many as thirty tracks on a high-end machine.

n-Track Studio start

Laying down a beat.

 Edit your song easily. Supporting your melodies with a steady beat is easy with the app’s native step sequencer. This programmable rhythm section lets you create loops in seconds.

To use it, open the “add channel” drop-down menu and click “add blank step sequencer track.” When the channel appears, in the timeline, click the gridded button to open the sequencer and program it as needed.

When you’re finished, close the sequencer window, and the track will loop what you’ve programmed. You can reprogram the sequencer or adjust its parameters at any time.

n-Track Studio beat

The Timeline

Once your tracks are laid down, the timeline gives you total control over production. With n-Track Studio you can mix your records during playback.

Click the “Mixer” button at top left to open the mixer panel and click and drag the knobs to adjust the levels of each of your tracks. The palette of buttons at the top of the timeline lets you split, cut, copy, and paste sections of tracks as needed. The master mix panel on the left hand side gives you general control over the balance and levels of your track.

n-Track Studio timeline

Sharing the Love

When you’ve finished your track, the app makes it easy to publish as an audio file or share it online via Songtree. To do so, click the share button at the top of the screen and select “Share Online” or “Save as Audio File.”

The app supports publishing in a number of audio formats, including mp3 and m4a. Note that to save the full track as an audio file, you must activate the full version of the app.

n-Track Studio share

With its powerful but intuitive interface, N-Track studio is an instant upgrade to your music-making capabilities. Plus, its lightweight software means that you can assemble complex tracks from dozens of audio channels without any lag.

Why wait? It’s time to kick out the jams. Get N-Track on Setapp.

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