Numi - an easier way to perform calculations on your Mac

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Numi is the calculator app that lets you perform calculations in plain English, exactly as you would say them. Instead of punching in numbers, you write down what you need and the app gives you an output that’s easy to copy and paste elsewhere.

The app handles all sorts of unit conversions and advanced mathematics with ease, all from a stripped-down interface. It even lets you save frequent calculations so you can refer to them easily time after time.

Stop punching away at your calculator. With Numi, it’s ask and you shall receive. Here’s how to get started.

Entering calculations

To start using Numi, simply type in a calculation you’d like answered. Time conversions, unit conversions, simple and advanced math are all supported.

The terms of your question will appear on the left-hand side of the app window in blue and white text. The answer will appear on the right-hand side in green text. You can play around with the phrasing of your question; “20% of $50” will yield a different result than “20% off of $50.”

numi calculations

Saving calculations

To create a new saved calculation, click the “+” button at the top right of the app window. To name your new calculation page, enter a “#” followed by the name of your choice in the first line.

To find and open a saved calculation, click the “all calculations” button at the top right and scroll through the list or use the search bar. Then click the name of the calculation and it will open in the main window.

numi save


Numi supports the creation of custom variables in your calculations. Use the initial lines of a calculation to establish the names, values, and relationships between variables. In the later lines, you can have the app use those variables for more complex calculations.

numi variables

Copying and Exporting

It’s easy to use the answers you find in the app for other purposes. Any green-text result will automatically copy to your clipboard when you click it. You can paste into any other app or document.

To export or share an entire calculation, click the arrow at the bottom right of the window and choose from the pop-up menu.

numi copy and export

Who said math has to be a pain?

Get Numi on Setapp, and it interprets written text and supports variables—something that nearly no calculator apps can do. Make sure to save the calculations you use most often for an even smoother experience.

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