Setapp vendors can donate to help Ukraine

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Setapp provides an opportunity for all its vendors to donate all or part of their February profits on Setapp to help Ukraine in its fight against the russian invasion.

If your app is on Setapp and you'd like to donate your revenue to causes helping Ukraine in this difficult time, we are opening up the technical avenue for that.

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What can I donate to?

Ukrainian army

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened up an official account to accept donations to cover the needs of the Ukrainian army.

Learn more about this cause on the official website

MacPaw Foundation

Founded in 2015, MacPaw Development Foundation is currently helping Ukrainians stranded in the war zone, providing basic supplies, food, and medicine.

Learn more about this cause on the official website

Humanitarian aid

The National Bank of Ukraine is also collecting funds for humanitarian aid for the affected Ukrainians to cover food, shelter, basic supplies, and one-time payouts to citizens.

Learn more about this cause on the official website

How do I check my Setapp vendor balance?

To make the decision to donate to this cause, you might want to know exactly how much your app has earned through Setapp in February.

Go to your vendor cabinet on Setapp to check your current balance.

What’s going on in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a sovereign democratic country currently fighting off an ongoing invasion by its north-eastern neighbor.

On February 24, 2022, russia launched an unprovoked, illegal attack on Ukraine initiated by vladimir putin. The attack brought on unspeakable human suffering and loss.

Amidst this grave danger, the country has come together and is fighting off the common enemy, while governments, organizations, and volunteers across the world are working tirelessly to help.

We’ve compiled a list of resources where you can find out more about the ongoing war.

Why Setapp cares?

Setapp is part of MacPaw, a company founded and working out of Ukraine. MacPaw is parent to such beloved products as CleanMyMac, ClearVPN, Gemini, and, of course, Setapp. Our head office is located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

While we planned for in advance and made sure our operations continue uninterrupted despite the challenges presented by the ongoing war, we also care deeply about this crisis and work to help in any way we can.

That’s why we’ve made sure that if our vendors feel they want to contribute to this cause, they can do so without a hitch.

If you’d like to donate part or all of your vendor profits currently on your Setapp balance to one of the three organizations we’ve listed above, please sign up in this form:

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