Ukraine is under attack. Here’s how you can help

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On February 24, 2022, russia launched a full-scale invasion of its neighboring country Ukraine. This is an illegal and unprovoked attack that has been condemned by democratic countries across the globe.

As the invasion unfolds, the scope of human suffering and loss is expanding. The people of Ukraine have united in their fight against the common enemy. Governments, organizations, and volunteers across the globe are working tirelessly to help.

MacPaw, Setapp's parent company, was founded and works out of Ukraine. We preplanned for the possible worst case scenario in advance, and our products are working consistently as we keep providing you with tools to improve your Mac experience.

We've also joined the efforts to help Ukraine.

Aside from donating funds and time to the organizations and initiatives on site, we've provided the media covering the war in Ukraine with a free year of CleanMyMac.

Additionally, we created a dedicated free shortcut #StandWithUkraine in ClearVPN to help spread accurate information about the war and offered free ClearVPN access to all Ukrainians.

We've also opened up the technical possibility for Setapp vendors to contribute part or all of their February revenue to various organizations now helping Ukraine.

How you can help

First of all, you can help by spreading the word about the conflict and the human suffering it inflicts, as well as contacting your local representatives, non-profits, and organizations to talk about possible ways to help Ukraine.

You can also donate to the organizations now working hard to protect and support Ukraine.

Ukrainian defense

You can support the Ukrainian army through the official donation channel established by the National Bank of Ukraine. You can also donate through an NGO working to provide help to the army and territorial defense, Come Back Alive.

Humanitarian aid

As cities and infrastructure across Ukraine are getting affected by the war, many Ukrainians find themselves cut off from basic necessities. A number of humanitarian initiatives as well as volunteer groups are now working to help Ukrainians in need both currently inside and outside of Ukraine.

Medical support

Over the first six days, the war waged by russia in Ukraine has claimed the lives of several hundred civilians, thousands have been wounded. People have also been cut off from basic medical care and struggle to get medical supplies.

Both the medical community inside Ukraine and international medical organizations have stepped up to help. You can support the efforts by donating to organizations currently providing help to Ukraine.


The population of Ukraine is estimated at over 40 million people. As of February 28, 2022, the UN reports over 500,000 moved across the border to flee the war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

You can join or spread the word about efforts currently in place to provide shelter, transport, and basic supplies to Ukrainians now abroad. Look for local government and volunteer initiatives in your area that help Ukrainians now forced to seek cover abroad.

Additionally, Airbnb announced plans to help house refugees from Ukraine. You can either host a refugee or donate to help fund the initiative.

Get the word out

Last but not least, spread the word about the war in Ukraine. Get your facts from reliable sources, like reputable international media CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Reuters. Tell your friends, local representatives, followers on social media about what’s going on in Ukraine.

Use #StandWithUkraine to support Ukraine.

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