New app Spotless launches on Setapp only

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Spotless is a brand new app from the creator of Mosaic that just launched just and is currently only available on Setapp. We’re happy to have it on board and will do our best to fit all of its features into a couple of paragraphs.

What is Spotless and how to organize Mac with it

The easiest way to approach Spotless is to think of a giant organizing factory of “if this then that” scenarios. All of which help you keep your Mac...spotless. The app uses rules and Tasks to automate as many file management nuances as possible.

  • Drag and drop files into Spotless to automatically organize them
  • Schedule auto-tidying for specific folders
  • Create rules for files based on type, extension, size etc.
  • And create a Default rule for everything that’s not specified

Spotless magic examples

If I want all my files moved from Desktop into respective folders then the moment files land on Desktop, Spotless moves them.

If I want old documents I haven’t opened in a while automatically moved to the Trash then when certain files get old enough, Spotless removes them.

Spotless is a file organizer, utterly customizable, easy to set and rich with functions. Here’s a video of Spotless developer, Neil Casini talking exclusive launch on Setapp and why you want to try Spotless immediately.

Stoked to have his apps on Setapp and waiting for more to come. Cheers!

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