Git is a distributed version control system (VCS) that helps developers track changes in files and collaborate with the rest of the team. Developers appreciate Git for its speed, simple design, efficient backups, easy branching, support for non-linear software development, and efficient work with large projects.

Git stands apart from other VCSs because of its approach to data management. While most systems store information as a list of changes in files, Git stores data as a collection of snapshots. When developers save the project to Git, the system remembers what each file looks like at that moment and saves a link to that snapshot.

To work with Git on a local machine and get even more useful features, software developers opt for Git clients. Mac users aren't an exception. There are efficient Git tools for Mac that can impress even the savviest developers.

In this post, we'll talk about the best Git tools for Mac you can find on Setapp for Teams – a platform with curated applications for macOS. On Setapp for Teams, experts like software developers, UX designers, project managers, and content marketers can find apps that save time on routine tasks and leave space for creativity.

Now let's check the first Git app for Mac on our list – Gitfox. 

Gitfox – the advanced Git client for Mac

Where Git is helpless, for example with rolling back previous branches, Gitfox helps you backup and find a bug or restore the desired version in seconds. Gitfox is a native application for Git that comes with multiple perks like great performance, shortcuts, Touch Bar support, and easy merging with third-party tools like Kaleidoscope and Araxis. 

If you're working on multiple projects at a time, Gitfox helps you work on them from multiple profiles.

Coherence X

Technically, Coherence X isn't a Git tool for Mac. However, teaming up with other tools from our list, Coherence X becomes a handy tool for mobile development. This app turns websites into mobile apps straight on your Mac, with no extra coding or UX design skills needed. Coherence X uses Chrome to import extensions and profiles for your apps. 

The best part? The app offers such UI options as a single-tab and multi-tab design for the most optimal functional outcomes. 


Expressions is an irreplaceable tool for software developers, analysts, and other specialists that work with code, reports, or any kind of data. The Expressions app offers a dynamic highlight of regular expressions in your codebase and their checking, extraction, and further processing. 


RapidWeaver is another tool in our collection that helps you create websites without any coding. From one-pagers to full-fledged websites with data storage on the back-end, this app will help you create SEO-friendly websites with layouts optimized for mobile devices from one-pagers to full-fledged websites with data storage on the back-end. Websites created with RapidWeaver are compatible with popular browsers like Google Chrome and Safari by default.

The distinct feature of RapidWeaver is its ability to work offline. So, during your next transatlantic flight, you'll be able to spend time productively. 

To wrap up

Gitfox is the gem in our collection of free Git clients for Mac. The app provides you with a native experience and extended features to merge, branch, and restore versions safely. Teamed up with apps from our list, you'll be able to compile an advanced toolset to work with any Git-like platform. 

On top of that, find all the apps we mentioned here on Setapp for Teams and use them for free within a 14-day trial period. We won't charge you until you decide to stay with us for a longer time.